Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

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Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

No matter what your occupation is, and how motivated you are to work and complete everyday tasks, it sometimes gets hard to stay productive all the time. Apart from your eagerness to work, it may help you have a set of tools in your computer “closet”. If you consider acquiring new productivity tools, then you should not skip PDF conversion tools, which convert PDF documents to different editable formats and vice verse. 
Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4
Once such tool is PDF Converter Elite 4 and here’s how it can help you boost your productivity in productivity killer situations:

Saves you from retyping data from scratch

Situation: You have just received a document in PDF that needs to be edited. What to do: Yes, you can rewrite all data from scratch, but why bother when you can just convert the PDF to any editable format such as: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD? Additional issues: You received a scanned document which cannot be turned into MS Office formats in a way you need it - editable. Here you need a PDF converter that has OCR engine which can extract text from scanned documents, and that’s how PDF Converter Elite can help you.

Enables you to convert multiple PDFs at once

Situation: You have tons of PDF documents that you need to turn to MS Office formats, let’s say Word. It would take too long to convert each file separately, right? What to do: Use batch conversion option to convert more than one file at once and save time.

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

Keep your spreadsheets for future projects

Situation: You have received a financial record in PDF. You need to add information, delete some columns and add new ones. You want to save it as a template, as you will probably need it in the future again. What to do: Use custom PDF to Excel conversion and modify the look of your tables before conversion. Then just save the custom Excel template and that’s it. Next time you need it, it will take you a second to load it.

Make quick modifications of your PDF document

Situation: You have a PDF document, but you don’t need all the pages you need, or some pages need to be rearranged. That might sound complicated, but don’t worry. You don’t have to turn your PDF to MS Office format in order to modify the document. What to do: Use Edit options in PDF Converter Elite to delete certain pages, move them from one place to another, rotate or scale them.

Pick specific areas in the document

Situation: Again, you have a large PDF file that needs editing. Waiting for such a large file to convert is not necessary. What to do instead: Open a PDF in PCE program and just select areas you want to turn into editable format. You can select specific pages or just a paragraph, even a few sentences.

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

If you don’t find these picks productive enough, check out other features of PDF Converter Elite 4 here: It is available as a free trial for a 7-day period.
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