Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

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Web Design Tools for Newbies

Admit it, not all website owners are expert web designers. That is why, there are many badly designed websites that are neither attractive nor responsive. CSS and HTML coding can be too intimidating and even if you know the basics, creating good website design can be too exhausting.

Of course, you can adapt a pre-designed theme for your site, but how will that make your site different from others? There is nothing to worry. With only basic web designing skills and these nine tools, you are set to create websites that attract traffic and improve readability.

1. Adobe Kuler

An essential web designing tool that is both cool and useful. It helps you decide how to create a palette of colors to which you will base your design. Adobe Kuler is free, once registered, and you can conveniently use it online. If you feel overwhelmed with the vast combination of colors, you can check out other color sets concocted by other users.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/

2. Dribble

If you are having a hard-time looking for inspiration in DeviantArt, visiting Dribble, will definitely spark an idea in you. Dribble, is an online community for web designers, illustrators, logo designers, typographers and other creatives. They share photos of their work to solicit comments and suggestions. Use them as inspiration. You can also start intellectual discussion among these people to learn something new about web design.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://dribbble.com/

3. Foundation 5

Foundation 5 is known as the most responsive front-end framework. This easy to learn tool is perfect for building responsive designs that adapts on different browsers. It has features for faster coding and customization. There are also pre-designed layouts to help you save time.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://foundation.zurb.com/

4. Lost Type Co-Op

Font type is an important element of web design. You can never go wrong with a simple layout and an attractive typography. Invest on great fonts by downloading them on Lost Type Co-Op. It offers design-friendly fonts to make your website attractive and reader-friendly.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://losttype.com/

5. Temboo

Temboo is a killer tool to stabilize access to Application Programming Interface (API) and cloud storage. With this tool, you skip hours lost in building and changing wrappers. Temboo preserves creative momentum you often lost when spending too much time converging with other services.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: https://temboo.com/

6. Font Squirrel

Too frugal to cash out money for fonts? Then visit Font Squirrel. It offers high-quality, commercial use fonts free to download. There are many types to choose from. Some, however, are only viable off site. Its okay, you still get it for free.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/

7. Origami

This next-generation tool is developed by Facebook design team, and is considered as the next big thing in web design. Origami is actually not a standalone tool but a plug-in for Apple's Quartz Composer. Quartz Composer is already a good node-based motion graphic developer but adding Origami, step it up into an interaction prototyping tool. The best part is that developers Drew Hamlin and Brandon Walkin decided to offer it for free.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://facebook.github.io/origami/

8. Skeleton

Who needs to know the nitty-gritty part of frameworks if you can simply download Skeleton to help you create responsive websites? It acts as boilerplate to simplify coding. Even amateurs can build good codes because of their collection of CSS files.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://www.getskeleton.com/

9. Style Tiles

This design tool is a must-try. It simplify the design process by creating common visual language that guides you with font, color swatches, and interface, you plan to integrate on your website. Make different tiles to compare which design works better in various site.

Web Design Tools Even Newbies Can Use

Link: http://styletil.es/

Web designing can be intimidating but you have to get pass that to be successful in this field. If you want to step up your skill, these tools can help you move to a level where coding and framework won't leave you scratching your head. You can help decrease the number of badly designed websites proliferating on-line.

Author's Bio: Maddy Bertelsen enjoys woking as a marketing associate and writer for uk best essay. When she is not busy with work, she spends her free time, reading books, watching movies and honing her design and illustration skills.
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