Why SmartWatches Will Time Out? [Infographic]

Smart Watches are bad value for money, because while comparing the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch to the iPhone 5S Smartphone shows the real lack of quality features across the board. Today's Smartphone apps are changing our lives in terms of how productive we as a society have become, how we track our movements, where we visit and how we socialise online.
Why SmartWatches Will Time Out?
When developing Smart Watches, someone, somewhere, forget about one major target audience. According to the below infographic - Women won’t buy a Smart Watch. Why? There simply too ugly, too clunky and not an inspirational enough fashion accessory to justify the price point. And, traditionally far more women than men wear a watch, not just to tell time, but as an adornment. Many women see watches as fashion accessories.

No one size fits all. Rules to live by in the rag trade, but what the Smart Watch developers haven’t noticed yet. Wrist size varies and so does eyesight. The screens in most Smart Watches are tiny.

Here the infographic designed by DPFOC en-titled with " Why SmartWatches Will Time Out? " that clearly explain you reasons why Smart Watches are bad value for money.

Why SmartWatches Will Time Out?

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