January 2014: Exile The Classic Social Media Trends

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January 2014: Exile The Classic Social Media Trends

Social media networking has been the dominating avenue for businesses this year. Everyone has gone online and there are so many things at stake when your business is not on the loop. Social media continues to be one of the effective platforms in order to gain more popularity, clients and revenues. That’s why every business must incorporate and excel in effective social media tactics.

Below are the top 7 social media trends that will dominate in 2014:

7. Accessible browsing made possible with mobile

More and more people are shifting to buying smartphones, tablets and other devices where you can connect and browse online. Most of social media users are online through their mobile devices in order to be updated on everything that’s latest on Facebook and Twitter. With this setup, businesses should be able to make mobile-friendly websites, apps and other platforms to be able to engage their prospective and existing clients.

6. Google+ is more than ready to boost you

If you have been trying to boost your website rankings, you’re probably missing a great part of your social media techniques – that is, utilizing Google+. In the recent research, it is said that Google+ continues to be a stronger social platform over Facebook, especially for B2B marketers. This is evident on the immense recognition that you get out of staying online, visible and updated on your Google+ account. It hints a remarkable growth on acquiring new clients and retaining them through clicks and visits.

Google+ is an essential avenue for marketers to delve themselves on social media. Google, as the giant search engine, manoeuvres your website rankings through your social media effort on Google+. Moreover, the Google+ experience continues to provide easy and convenient experience to its users. That being said, Google+ will take charge more this 2014.

5. Say hello to Pinterest and LinkedIn

  • Artists/Creative Professionals
Pinterest is a platform for artists and professionals with creative souls. This platform engages people through powerful photos and texts. This then makes it as a strong competitor as one of the effective social media trends that will dominate 2014. This garnishes various industries to a more positive place for branding. Pinterest is both available through mobile and web browsing. With its catchy yet functional feel, there is no doubt Pinterest will take its full bloom by 2014.

  • Technical and Corporate Professionals
Pros who are up to give their A+ game can rank high with their presence on LinkedIn. Having a complete LinkedIn profile leads to remarkable chances of communicating and establishing connections. These connections serve as a key point to leverage in your specific industry or field. It signifies that you’re well-adapt to score beyond what you aim through constantly knowing these connections that you can utilize as your strength.

4. Facebook to Twitter

Social Media Stats 2013
“There is certainly less drama.” This is the topmost reason why the young population using Facebook shifts to Twitter. Though Facebook will continue to be dominant in 2014, Twitter is said to leverage with this popularity. Bystanders will have the urge to recall more of what they can do while on Twitter. Exploring Twitter is skyrocket high activity for the last quarter of 2013 and sets foot to be more active this 2014. Young users can escape from all the drama that could occur on Facebook. Short yet concise, tweets are direct and easy to understand. Plus, the hashtags that trend and are easily searchable make marketers thrive in their social media marketing through Twitter. Moreover, this social media platform continues to enhance its feel to make it friendlier for users and marketers alike.

3. Introducing Snapchat marketing

Another limelight this 2014 is shared by Snapchat. This is a new app that is loved by users who are very keen when it comes to their privacy. Snapchat lets users post “snaps” such as text, video or photo that they feel like sharing in the spur of the moment. Eventually these snaps auto-destruct between 1 to 10 seconds. Definitely, it is a handy marketing medium to engage people and businesses on what they are currently up to.

2. People like animation

More people are creating their accounts on YouTube and subscribing and unsubscribing are two of the most eminent activities they have while on the site. As more uploaders post videos, YouTube users are interested to get the most entertaining and trending videos online. Another video platform to use as well is Vimeo, which has a great detail on high quality video viewing.

1. Visual content will dominate 2014

People will be more visual this 2014 and this suffices more challenges in creating effective marketing strategies through visuals. Though text is still eminent, eye-grabbing visual contents such as photos and videos will be the main attraction on various social media platforms this 2014.

Hence, social media marketing will continue to play an eminent role in online marketing. Generally, this all boils down to proper ways of effectively engaging your prospects and retain your clients. Businesses and marketers alike can utilize these trends in order to be more active, productive and successful in the upcoming year.

Author Bio: Saitosh Raigen is working at SmithSEO Web Marketing. He is writing this article from his years of experience.
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