Why You Should Monitor Teens Cell Phone?

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Why You Should Monitor Teens Cell Phone?

Cell phones are considered to be the easiest way of communication between parents and juveniles these days. It is very easy to communicate no matter where your child is, cell phones made it possible to communicate. These handheld devices are being loved by the teenagers. They view them as an easy way to expand and enhance their social life, increase their privacy and freedom. It is very rare to see a teenager without their personal cell phone. Many of them even sleep with these wonder devices next to their bed and even under the pillow.

Deciding to give a cell phone to teenagers can be a very valiant decision for the parents. There are many positive and negative reasons and consequences that why a teenager should be given a cell phone. Installing parental monitoring software, mobile monitoring app or software on your child's Smartphone can be a very effective cautionary tool. This provides parents the ability and access to view their teen's call logs, text messages, websites visited and track their child's most recent GPS location. These are just a few of many reasons that parents need to be cautious and aware of their children's social lives.

If you decide to install iPhone spy app or software on your child's iPhone, you should inform them that they are being monitored for their safety. These monitoring apps could be the protection in today's world that parents have been looking for their children. More importantly, parents should even set a few rules for the usage of cell phone to make sure that their child is secure and safe.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is on the rise, it's just like a playground verbal bullying that is either done through cell phones or online. It's one of the most rising problems these days. Parents are not even aware if their child is a cyber bullying victim or the bully itself. The emotional and psychological outcome of cyber bullying is almost same as real life bullying. It is very common to harass, torment or threat another person by using the internet or cell phones. There is no escape from cyber bullying and its getting worse day after day.

"Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others." -Bill Belsey

Cell phones have become the favorite form of bullying people because the bullies can access to their victims anywhere at any time of the day very easily. Parents must talk to their children about the dangers of bullying and make that if they become a victim they need to immediately inform an adult.

Child Pornography

Child pornography is also known as child abuse images, it can be done through a variety of media used for example through writing, photos, animations, sounds, videos etc. Messages, videos and photos are very easy to send to cell phones. Teenagers love this quick and easy way of sending, receiving and sharing photos, videos and sound clips with friends through their cell phones.

At times unfortunately all the content shared or received is not appropriate or clean. Many teenagers send such explicit material to others just to seek attention or to significant others. What they don't understand is that these pictures can be a threat for them in future and can be considered as child photography. They may be charged with a crime and be become a sex offender. It is a potential consequence of letting your child have a phone. Therefore parents need to keep an eye on their children to avoid such things.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a depressant which means it's a drug that slows down brain and changes a person's ability to think, speak and see things. It effects and put a huge impact on a person's perception of reality. A person might lose his or her balance as well in this state. Use of alcohol is not safe or legal. It is even prohibited in some religions. It is very important to discuss the use and abuse of alcohol. Before kids are presented with the chance to drink it, you must teach them to say "no". It's easy to get the wrong messages about alcohol through TV commercials, movies, dramas or even internet that drinking alcohol is a lotfun.The best stage to learn and discover is childhood so it's very important to have an open and age- appropriate communication with your children so that even at later stages of life they come to you to discuss their problems and issues.

Kids Texting Dilemma And Excessive Internet Usage

Teenagers texting while driving on the road has become a very common sight these days. It can't be denied that texting while driving has increased the number of accidents. Parents should discourage the use of cell phones while driving. Teens need to realize that this act of texting while driving can seriously endanger someone's life or even cost them their own. It is the dire need of the time for parents to guide and instruct their children regarding the use of cell phones. The main problem among teenagers these days is that they cannot seem to wait for a few minutes to check their incoming text, face and other social sites notifications and updates. They want quick gratification even if that puts their life at stake. Distracted driving is one of a main problem nowadays among teenagers.

Teenage is the age where the children want to be free, they want to try out new things, try to be rebellious and outrageous.

Parental monitoring software and Smartphone monitoring apps are a good way to keep an eye on your child's all sorts of communication. Don't let your child start texting or checking their phone in the middle of a face to face conversation. Teach your child proper manners to use cell phones because they equally important as having manner at the dinning table. Keep an eye on them when they use the internet and their cell phone. Keep a check on them even when the text or call their friends.

Keep them Safe Online!

By simply installing a parental monitoring app in your child's Smartphone you easily go through their activity such as call logs, text messages, emails, contacts, web browsing history, their GPS location or even their image gallery. You can conveniently access to which website them browse, read their messages and chat history. You can even direct access to their image gallery to scan if there is any explicit images. You see their contacts list and keep a record of what kind of people your child is in contact with. So stop worrying and start keeping an eye on your child's smartphone use and prevent them from wrong usage of internet and smartphone.
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