What Security Flaws are in Android 4.4?

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What security flaws are in Android 4.4?
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With every new generation of technology, including software, computers, and cell phones, there are glitched and weak points. They could be in functionality, security, or any number of applications for them. Sometimes these flaws are unavoidable, while others have the company questioning how they missed it. Nevertheless, the pain falls on the user first.

The Android 4.4 is not without its flaws, and they’ve already been documented across the internet, which involve its security features. A proud product of Google, the toddler product is up on its feet and already stumbling. Also called KitKat, the Android is open for discrimination.

Master Key Vulnerability

The master key vulnerability in the Android OS was discovered last July and affects 99 percent of its users. It allows hackers to put in malicious code into any digitally signed, legitimate application in order to steal data or gain control of the device for their own purposes.This flaw was fixed later in the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

But in 2013, a similar version of the master key vulnerability was discovered, which again allows hackers the ability to exploit the device. And with the release of the Android 4.4 KitKat, Google’s latest version, the master key vulnerability is still an issue. This was proven using an exploitative concept using Python.

Even though Google OS was promised to be more secure, the vulnerability is similar to the one reported in July. The exploit used for testing allows attackers complete access to the Android device using a modified system MPK. Malicious software is able to gain access to the overall installed software and any related data.

To date, there hasn’t been evidence of these exploits showing up the the apps currently available in Google Play, so users of Android haven’t been hit by the effects of the master key vulnerability. The risk for users right now is by installing apps and software from sources that aren’t official stores.

An absolute fix to the problem is still in the works, but the best way to avoid it is to download application only from trusted sites and avoiding any third-party sources of software.There is a patch for the bug for the Incidia Impactor that comes in an update, so a fix is hopeful on its way in the near future.

While there’s no current need to panic, using safe practice is the best method of preventing your Android 4.4 from getting taken over by hackers. With a similar problem to previous versions, there have been similar reactions and efforts to a solution. This is why some have decided to earn a certificate ii in retail instead of worrying about their phone.

The trials and errors of technology will always exist, as bugs and glitches come naturally to its development. From concept to release, there are opportunities for mistakes and for overlooking what might be bad code, or even an open gate for unwelcome visitors.But with any glitch comes awareness and a patch to rectify it. It’s a cycle that will continue as long as new technology keeps coming.
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