Securing Your Online Reputation Vs Preparing Yourself Against Your Competitors

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Securing Your Online Reputation Vs Preparing Yourself Against Your Competitors

What is Online Reputation Management?

Since many businesses and customers are online, every bit of information posted and uploaded helps describe a particular product, brand or company. With such convenience, a customer, client or consumer can post reviews or upload photo creditss that will either make or break a particular business image. This is where online reputation management comes in.

Online reputation management is progressive web-based service that can be conducted by an inside or third party. Basically, a person hired inside or outside of your company to manage your reputation online will be responsible in identifying, repairing and establishing your brand. This is eminent through the following things:

  • Read and manage reviews posted on different platforms
  • Create business page and profile online
  • Distribute updates and information on the Internet
  • Conduct branding in available avenues
Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Whenever a customer wants to research about a business, he will look for the company website, social media page and reviews pertaining to its service and product. It is believed that 75% of Internet users acknowledge the marketing tactics of businesses online. About 90% of online users decide upon what they read on particular reviews whether it is bad or good. With these facts, online reputation management is a marketer’s way to be able to establish a good rapport online since consumers are now dependent on what’s provided to them on the Internet.

In order to do this, there are two types of online reputation management that are explained further below:

Proactive Online Reputation Management

Most marketers would agree that proactive online reputation management is the best way to do it. What you have to do is the establish your presence online way before bad feedback takes over the Internet. This move already signifies that you have built a strong and high wall when it comes to your image. You create social profiles, blogs, forums and networks and you update it to engage your followers regularly. This will bring good information whenever searchers look for you online. That’s why in the event of someone who tries to ruin it through posting a bad review about you, you have many platforms that can cover up and remove it.

Reactive Online Reputation Management

Though the proactive approach is most recommended, reactive online reputation management is the mostly used approach. Companies only react when there is an outburst of bad feedback online. This is where repair of online reputation is deemly needed. A company is bothered by the increase of negative feedbacks seen through reviews posted by their clients. As a result, it affects how they conduct their business and obviously, it is visible through sales ratings and percentage. As a remedy, reactive online reputation management is executed.

In this approach, the ORM specialist has to get rid of these bad and negative image that feed the minds of prospective clients. Though some are can hardly be repaired, this approach requires heavy and constant updating of profiles, blogs, networks and social media pages online. With effective ways, a business can recover from this.

Author Bio: Robert Smith is an effective specialist from one of the online reputation management companies in New York. He also utilizes good infographics to distribute noteworthy articles to online readers.
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