How Technology Makes Us Human

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How Technology Makes Us Human

Some people complain that technology is dehumanizing, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Since mankind first picked up a stick and sharpened the end to hunt, we've been using technology to further our evolution over the years. A recent bit of research by Intel has found that many younger people see technology as a bad thing that makes us less human, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

How Tech Makes us MORE Human

Here's a breakdown of some of the different ways technology makes us human and is helpful.

  • Evolution - As mentioning in the opening paragraph, there's something to be said about how technology has enabled humans to evolve more quickly over the years. After being around for a while, there was a sudden surge of help that enabled mankind to come up with written language and other things (technology) that helped propel humankind forward.
  • Communication - One of the things that sets humans apart is our rich and varied means of communication. If it wasn't for technology over the years, we might still be grunting and yelling to try to get others to understand us. As it stands, technology has been very helpful for communicating with others. And this has led to cooperation which has really helped humankind advance.
  • Too Much Technology? - According to the Intel study, around 59% of millennials (younger people) think that society is too reliant on technology these days. That's a high number, but there are still those who maintain that technology (and its use) is what truly makes us human.
  • More Research - If you're interested in reading more about how technology makes us human, you're going to want to check out ’Two legs, thing using and talking’. which is a great paper that shows the emergence of the creative engineering mind - something that has allowed humans to really excel in the last couple hundred years - much more than we have in all of the rest of recorded history. 
Do you think technology makes us human or is something bad that should be watched carefully so it doesn't harm society? This is a question that people really have to ask themselves. While the points above lay out a good case for technology being a good thing that makes us more human, there are other viewpoints out there in the world.

Whether you agree or disagree about technology and humanity, leave a comment and become a part of the conversation. If you do this, you can clearly see that technology does a lot to make it easier to be human and communicate with each other. This is really what sets us apart from the rest of the living things on this planet.
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