Android Is Almost Impenetrable To Malware

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Android Is Almost Impenetrable To Malware
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Is the Google Android operating system impenetrable to malware? Some say yes - and have the facts to back up this statement. Google is no slouch and there's signs that they have been very concerned with the security of their OS since the very beginning of the design and development process. This has really paid off with one of the most secure operating systems for smartphones.

Android Security Broken Down

First, let's break down all the different levels of security that Google's Android OS offers to protect people. Here's a look at some of the specific reasons that the Android operating system is so secure.

  • Sandbox and Permissions - The first thing that's great is the permissions built into the operating system's base code. 
  • Runtime Security Checks - When the app runs there will be other checks for security. This is something that constantly happens. 
  • Verify Apps Warning - This is a warning that is essential and occurs very early in the security process. 
  • Verify Apps Consent - A consumer needs to specifically give the app consent for what it's going to do. 
  • Install Confirmation - Again, the consumer needs to confirm that they want to install the app. 
  • Unknown Sources Warning - If data is coming from unknown sources, warnings may be given by the operating system. 
  • Google Play - Last but not least, the app will be looked at by the Google Play staff. 
Why the Google Android OS is So Secure?

Beyond the specifics mentioned above, there are other things that you need to consider when talking about why Google Android OS is so secure. Here's a few of them.

  • Reputation - One of the biggest reasons that Google spent so much time making sure the Android OS is secure is their reputation. This is something that's hard to get back once you lose it. 
  • Repeat Customers - Along with a good reputation, Google understands that they need repeat customers for their phones. And because of this, it's important that consumers feel safe about the phones they've used in the past when they think about the next one to get. 
  • Revenue - At the end of the day, it's all about revenue. If Google didn't make security a priority from the very beginning, they would harm their chances of being able to create a large and steady revenue stream. 
Looking at all of the above, it's easy to see why so many people believe that Google's Android operating system is the most secure around - virtually impervious to malware and other nasties that exist in the cloud known as the Internet. What do you think? Leave a comment and share your opinion about Android whether you like it or not.

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