Why Content Marketing is Essential in 2014

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Why Content Marketing is Essential in 2014

Content marketing is as old as the first advertisement for a product in the French language newspaper, La Presse, in June 1836. Obviously the content was not as specific and as pointed as it is bound to be today which is necessitated by competition. Keeping in mind the SEO trends, here is a quick sum up on why content marketing is going to remain as the most essential part of your online campaigns.

Trustworthy Content instigates a reader to come back

Today’s websites need to impart valuable information by way of content to the existing customers as well as to the potential customers so that a bonding is established between the business and the readers. The content aims at building trust, creating awareness of the brand and its worth thereby developing a positive sentiment towards the business.

For instance, if you are a cake baker who is looking at building a niche market in terms of cup cakes, your readers must understand WHY they would buy from you. Now, your web properties’ content must be strategised in a way that stresses on your skills, how you are better than the others, in depth knowledge on baking, and finding the little emotional connects that bind your clients to your brand. Once your content leverages these things, a branding activity is strategised to build trust in your product. And the whole connect’s adhesive has been the content and contents’ marketing throughout. Nothing works more remarkably that a naturally popular product.

Social Media Traction is initiated by the contents of the Web property

We have come a long way from early 19th century. The means by which any marketer intends to spread awareness about their products is by utilizing more modern methods. A careful look at them will tell you that they are all Internet-based. PowerPoint presentations(slideshare.net), e-books(various e-books available on estores, amazon and apps), newsletters through e-mails(subscriptions and RSS), social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, webinars and blogs are some of the most effective ways of communication that are going to dominate content marketing in 2014. With so many platforms to rank on, and content being the only driving force, its the strategy of leveraging content in the right way on the right platform is what matters: exactly the scope of content marketing!

Strategising to not just publish content but Engage the Reader

An article content that seeks to build interest in a reader has to be so engaging that the reader almost always checks the name of the author, the micro-points in the article and the merits of the product that is the subject of the article. Your content must serve as a means of complete interaction without it being a person-to-person communication. That is the level of intimacy the content is supposed to achieve. It is a tricky proposition, however, not to seem to be intruding or forcing yourself on the reader. There is a fine line between offering content and throwing it at them, and content strategy and marketing is the clear demarcation.

Crisp Copy for Mobile pre-informs about the matter of content: Mobile content v/s Web Content

With smartphone owners proliferating by the minute, mobile content marketing will take a prime place in most people’s strategy though admittedly, the medium, by its very nature, cannot accommodate elaborate write-ups. That can work out to be an advantage. Even before opening the message, the audience will know that they will be not subjected to lengthy prose. That will make them to be positively inclined to read your content. Thus, looking at different content structure strategies for different devices would be a good idea. Here again, for this to execute properly, it is important to realize that one does not need an article writer for the bots, but a person who understands copy as a media package.

In finale, content marketing is going to form a niche segment of SEO with a finesse and it is going to take root where it has not while staying put where it has already!

Author Bio: Adam prattler is a product designer who likes to study about space storage and reviews portable storage rental company in san diego. Her other interests include innovating content visuals using visualization techniques and pictorial references.

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