Want More Followers for Your WordPress? Top 4 Social Media Plugins to Incorporate

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Want More Followers for Your WordPress? Top 4 Social Media Plugins to Incorporate

Social media has a lot to say about how much traffic a blog can build and can even have an impact on the overall quality of your site’s traffic. Why? Because followers of your accounts are already interested in your content.

For a Wordpress site that’s turning out multiple blog posts, figuring out how to link each post with social media and make them work together is crucial for increasing traffic and engagement with readers.

The Wordpress platform takes a lot of the guesswork out of that task by providing several plugins that are designed to create a happy marriage between any Wordpress blog and your social media accounts.

Their primary function is to make it simpler for those reading your site to share your content on their social media pages, which, in turn, will increase your exposure, traffic and the number people who follow your social media accounts.

Since there are literally hundreds of Wordpress plugins, we’ll narrow it down to just four here that are the top choices in the social media category:

1. Social Media Feather

This plugin is a lightweight, non-intrusive social media tool that allows you to quickly add social media sharing buttons to blog posts and pages with minimal complexity. It’s also one of the only social sharing plugins to support high definition and retina displays, which are used on iPhones, select Mac computers and the iPad “5” Air.

2. Floating Social Media Icon

The main attraction of this plugin is that it floats your social media icons as people scroll through your page, increasing the chances that they’ll share your content. It also comes with more than 20 icon styles, size and order customization options, as well as the option to enable or disable floating.

3. Sociable

Sociable has been around for a long time and is one of the more popular plugins for Wordpress. It comes in a banner and slider form, both of which serve to remind your readers to spread the word about your content.
All the customization options and features that you would expect are still available here, allowing you to edit the text, color and length of each banner.

4. Sharebar

Sharebar adds a vertical social sharing box to the left of every blog post on your Wordpress site. Odds are that you’ve seen this one on blogs before as it’s fairly popular.

For smaller blogs or blog posts, Sharebar uses a horizontal bar under the post title instead, and the vertical bar disappears. Icons are customizable as you would expect, right down to which social media buttons are used, how big they are and how they’re ordered.

Doing the Work for You

The social sharing plugins that Wordpress makes available to you are extremely helpful because of the time they can save you with easy installations, as well as the ability to automatically appear on all your blog posts. No code and no typing required on your part-- it’s just there. Additionally, they’re some of the best ways to increase reader engagement and traffic to your site.

But you shouldn’t just stop at only integrating social media with your WordPress. There are plenty of plugins available that will not only help you drive more traffic to your site, but improve the user experience as well.

Take WordPress Jetpack, for example. It’s an all-in-one plugin that boasts several different features, including LaTeX, WordPress.com Stats, mobile push notifications and much more.

As you search through the WordPress plugin database, there is no doubt that you will be able to find one for virtually anything you want to accomplish for your own site. Whether you want to monitor visitor statistics, engage with your visitors, add a photo gallery or automatically back your database, you will likely find the perfect plugin to use. Best of all, a majority of them are free!

What plugins do you use for your social media? Share your comments below!

Author Bio: Camille McClane is a freelance writer and online entrepreneur living in Southern California. As an avid WordPress user herself, she finds that using helpful plugins such as these help to generate a lot of traffic.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay
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