Top 5 Greatest Mergers and Acquisitions of All Time

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Top 5 Greatest Mergers and Acquisitions of All Time
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Over the course of history, many companies have merged together to become one. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, this practice has actually become even more common as super large companies swallow slightly smaller ones. To give you an idea of what's been happening, let's take a look at the five biggest mergers of all time.

Biggest Business Acquisitions

Here's a rundown of some of the largest business mergers of all time.

1. America Online acquires Time Warner

At well over $186 Billion dollars this is the largest merger between two existing businesses. The marriage was an attempt to create one of the largest media companies in existence. AOL did run into some snags after purchasing the company, but they're still in business today.

2. Exxon acquires Mobil

In a deal for just over $80 Billion dollars, this is another huge merger that took place. While not the largest, it's a big one because it's the marriage of two energy companies that were long considered to be two of the largest in existence.

3. Comcast acquires AT&T Broadband

This deal cost around $76 billion, but people on both ends of the deal were happy with the outcome. This is one of the biggest telecommunication mergers of all time.

Recently, Comcast bought NBC, another large purchase that made them even bigger.

4. Pfizer acquires Pharmacia

This deal was for over $60 billion dollars, but beyond the dollar amount, it was the coming together of two huge drug companies. Today, Pfizer is doing better than ever before. Profits for the company are looking good and will likely continue to grow.

5. Disney acquires Pixar

A lot of people weren't sure about this deal when it was first announced publicly, but Disney made a really good decision by buying this animation company. They've been able to use Pixar's technology to create their own blockbuster hits. And now that they own the rights to Star Wars, who knows what might happen. A Jar Jar Binks Saturday morning cartoon show perhaps? Hmmm.

Looking at the list above, it's easy to see that many different companies in various industries are merging - successfully - all the time. Many companies have made mistakes when it comes to buying other corporations in or out of their industry, but the practice of buying someone out will continue in the years ahead.

If you know of any big mergers or acquisitions that we left out of our list of the top five, leave a comment and let us know who you think should've been on the list. When it comes to mergers, there definitely isn't a shortage these days. Leave your opinion below and let us know what you think about big businesses getting even bigger.

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