How to Save Money With A Pre-Paid Phone

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Save Money With A Pre Paid Phone

Nearing your phone contract’s end and bamboozled with all the offers carrier companies have thrown at you to lure you into switching association? Moreover, are you also considering choosing a prepaid plan to budget your monthly bills? Its true pre paid plans have not had a very good reputation in the past, but they have come of age with progressive times. Now should be a good time to go in for a pre paid option if post paid bills have started to damage your monthly numbers. With giants like Target investing in the pre paid sector, you can foresee escalated quality of services.

Tips to Save Money using Pre-paid Plans:

Plans for Calling within a Family Network

If you are a parent, you would have probably realised by now, that handing them a postpaid plan might just be a very bad idea. Teenagers are probably the heaviest users of every service that carriers roll out. How would you cover their bills on a postpaid plan? The good part about selecting a pre paid setup for your family is that you do not have to sign a contract with the service provider if the use is going to be only within the family.

If you do not use the phone at all for a given length of time, you do not have to pay anything for the period. It is possible to limit yourself to 60 minutes of recharge. Some phones come with a double offer. As long as you keep using the phone, you are entitled to double the time that you have been provided originally. You need to spend only 10 cents per minute in some plans. 

Corporate Business Plans

Businesses need an elaborate plan in place in order to accommodate their lengthy discussions through phones. A phone with a data plan is the most desirable in such cases. The choices are many and so confusing. Unlimited data storage can be had for $50 a month. Popular phone companies always come out with some attractive schemes wherein extra talk time is offered for the same amount. Or, they may slash the amount for an existing plan with more number of minutes of talk.
Service Network Coverage Maps

Prepaid service providers have a map of their coverage. You must check the signal strength of each of these companies and choose the best. This way, you do not have to make repeat calls in case your call has not gone through and a charge has been applied for the call nevertheless. Repeat call will cost money again, please remember!

Is it really Beneficial to Switch to a Prepaid Connection?

If you’ve been in the dilemma and haven’t found an answer yourself, analyse the expenses you’ve been making on your post paid plan and how important is it for you to cut corners from your phone expenses. Do you get a loud and clear answer that says IT IS MUCH NEEDED?

Yeah well then, pre-paid upfront costs might pinch a little to start with, but it all makes sense once you see a good dip in your monthly spendings. And in case you don’t see any stark saving and prefer your old setup, you are always free to switch back; you won’t have to bear any penalty. Selling off the previous carrier’s handset would level the difference anyway.

Also, if you’re still of the notion that prepaid experiences only bring about tonnes of frustration, T Mobile’s much famous a-class service combined with the extremely bold step of going no-contract for the pre paid plans can be a potential answer. WIth very lucrative offers on display coming off the carrier’s shelf, the company can completely revolutionize the prepaid sector if they manage to pull it off well.

Author's Bio: Adam Prattler is a financial blogger and studies the economic ups and downs; he uses infographics tools to present them in his case studies. He also analyses the various insurance online quote and writes reviews of the same.

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