How to Make the Next Big Social Networking Site like Facebook

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How to Make the Next Big Social Networking Site like Facebook

Social networking sites have the largest internet traffic as compared to any other sites. There are thousands of employees sitting at the back end of these sites that ensure that it keeps on running successfully 24/7. Almost everybody we know is also present on social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc). Facebook became popular merely a decade ago. Orkut and MySpace were one of those glittering sites previously; but they were replaced within few years by Facebook. Now Facebook is the next big thing and has been ruling the social media networking sites from the past six-seven years.

However, anyone can come up with a new big thing. You can be the next person to replace Facebook with something more appealing. If you have got something big in your mind and you believe on yourself, than you might be the next inventor of some multi-billion dollar company in the next few years.

Here are some of the basic things on which you can focus to make a dazzling social media networking site:

Bring Super New Idea

The beginning of every new project starts with a good idea. A good idea written on a paper can make you earn millions of dollars. Facebook initially was just an idea. It replaced the Orkut from the ground, because it had a lot to offer to people which they actually desired. Orkut did not offered high level of interaction to its users. Above all Orkut failed to bring changes on its site in order to increase the indulgence level of its users. So all you have to do is to find the loop holes within Facebook and try to incorporate them in your new idea. Once your idea is ready and you have made the complete blue prints, now you are able to move forward towards the next step.

Appealing Name

First impression is the last impression. Hence, a good for your social network can attract people to visit your site at least once. There are many social media networking sites but are unpopular. This is due to the reason that they have no special name and they do not offer something very different. Therefore choose some name that an individual can relate to him/her.

Coding the Site

Coding is the next big step in making any successful site. If you are a programmer, you can do it yourself on any computer language. Otherwise, you can make a team of your college friends, because after all, developing a billion dollar site is not a piece of cake and you cannot do it alone. You can create your site on JAVA, PHP or any other good language. Once you got hands on some good programmers, they will develop for you exactly in the way you expect from them. You can also get hosting for your site with the help of some IT developers. This is something technical. The hosting type depends on the code on which your social network site has been made.

Site Promotion

This is the biggest step above all. There would be hundreds of social networking site that would be providing something different and new. However, in order to earn money, you have to do some investment in the form of promotion. So site promotion should be done in the best possible way. You can use pay per click advertisement technique in order to get your site viral all over the internet. If you are initially planning to launch your site in a specific region, then you can also advertise t your site through newspaper or even radio.

However, you must bear that in mind that it will take years to make your site popular even if people really start to like it. You must also ensure that you start to target users from the right end. Perform some market analysis to analyze that which people would be more willing to use your site initially. There should also be a room for expansion in your site. Most importantly, the site must allow users to share their data with their friends. The more sharing and more privacy settings against unknown users, the more people you can attract on your site. Who knows, your site might become the next big thing after 5-8 years.

Author Bio: Muhammad Azam is a gadget enthusiastic and tech blogger. He has previously written articles for gadget insurance providers such as Protect your Bubble which offer best Smartphone insurance quotes for the Smartphone users. You can also follow him on twitter @aagohar.
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