How to do SEO for a Dance Websites?

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How to do SEO for a Dance Websites?
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Owning a niche website may seem like an easier job for ranking on search engines. While this may hold true in very specific cses, but if the competition is on a global level, that might just not be the case. If you are looking at ranking a website that is on the subject of dance, you’re aiming at a mixed strategy for the same.

Judge your Prospective Visitors

If you are an academy or a local business and are only aiming at local visitors, the best way to rank yourself is registering yourself on the google map. Since they’ve got a carousel on the mobile also now, it holds a lot of importance. Also make sure the contact information is always upto date. If you are just a blog or a source of information then you must look at investing in content that is rich in graphics and videos that are meaningful. Since dance is an art form, every visitor would be interested in seeing high resolution pictures and videos that educate them on the subject they are looking for.

Don’t get Lost in the Crowd

There are a lot of dance websites live over the internet. You can’t afford to get lost in the crowd. You have to go that extra mile. There are so many websites who do not reach out to their target audiences as they do not get the correct platform, guidance and are poorly optimized. Don’t fall in the same category. When we are considering a dance website the point to be noted is that the owner of a dance website does not have to fight against all the websites of the world. The owner has to compete against only a few handful dance websites which is too negligible in front of the humongous number of live websites. If you manage to gather the knowledge about SEO’s and implement the same in your website more than what your competitors can manage then you can be sure that you will ace the battle.

Why should you focus on SEO?

There are about 2 billion people surfing the internet every day. Now that is a huge number. About 93% of the total number of people surfing the internet, start with the search engine. And when it comes to a search engine, how can you afford to miss out on search engine optimization. About 42 percent of the people click on the first link shown after the search by the search engine. The number of clicks decreases drastically after the second website. The bottom line is that your website has to rank well and be visible.

Go up the Ladder

Most users want answers to their questions. The questions may be of the kind: Where can I take dance classes in the United States? Or Where can I get the best dance DVD?. A good way of improving your websites’ ranking would be to answer these common questions by selecting some potential keywords. Most users surf the internet to get the answers to their questions and when they get so in your website, you get more traffic.

Author Bio: Adam prattler has an abundant experience in teaching dance as a form of art. Some of the famous academies that he has worked with include uprisedance. He also do content marketing for various dance portals quoting his experiences of his passion and has a very descriptive tone.
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