How Google Glass Is Helping Parents With Deaf Children?

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How Google Glass Is Helping Parents With Deaf Children?
Photo by Flickr user Christian Cable
Parents are starting to awaken to the possibilities offered by the latest tech tool from Google, known as Glass. Glass is wearable headgear that acts as a software platform, Internet portal and camera. Using Google's hands-free photo- and video-taking abilities, parents are able to shoot on-the-spot videos and pictures of their children and this in turn, is helping them deal with their children's disabilities in more efficient ways.

For example, using Google Glass has helped the mother of an autistic boy deal with her son's autism. Glass helps her document her son's outbursts, which she can then show to doctors to help them classify what's going on with the boy. The speed with which she can direct Glass to shoot a video is indispensable when her son reacts to something without a moment's notice.

An Emerging Platform

On the application front, app developers are better understanding how Glass fits in with daily life and how apps can help a Glass wearer throughout the day. Already, there are a multitude of Glass apps for users to experiment with, including apps that interact with your home automation devices to those that let you work on your financial portfolio.

Google has directed app developers to create apps that have a high "play" factor on the Glass platform. Because of its different nature and function, Glass applications should be be ready when the user wants them and serve a need that can help the user wearing Glass. As a result, developers working with Glass on high-speed Internet connections are experimenting with ASL cognitive learning tools and sports, business and lifestyle apps. It's very much how the Android eco-system looked like a decade ago when the first mobile apps were starting to be developed.

Effective ASL Learning

The example of a recent ASL learning app is a good indication of what's to come on the Glass app horizon. A startup called SMARTSign has created a new app that promises better communication between deaf children and their parents. This SMARTSign language learning tool is designed to increase recognition of signs and vocabulary within the ASL learning universe.

The app feeds American Sign Language vocabulary items to the user on a frequent basis and asks the user how and when they want to interact with the vocabulary items. This interaction with the app can help deaf children and their parents communicate better and learn new signs and concepts as well. The main app is available on the Android mobile platform and Google Glass platform.

How It Works

SMARTSign's app lets users search for desired types of ASL vocabulary from a collection of about 1,000 ASL signs. By studying ASL via the use of quizzes and self-recording these tests, ASL signing progress can be checked through a report function. Plus, family members can boost the interaction with a child by calling for videos of certain ASL signs. See the clip below for more insights.

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