Evernote App - A Complete Solution for Note-Keeping

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Evernote App - A Complete Solution for Note-Keeping

Evernote is one of the most well-known Andriod App that is designed for note taking and arching data. It allows users to add note for as a voice message, text message, a photograph and most amazingly handwritten note. Evernote is also known as cloud intelligent it enables mobile phones to synchronize data between your device and cloud storage. This free app offers a monthly storage of 60MB and you can upgrade premium if you need more space. It acts not only as a backup, but you can save “notebooks “the data in the form of  “notes ". This way you can share your pictures, videos, URLs, tasks to organize text in an easy way remindful, and most importantly you can recover your data if you have lost your data.

Notes Synchronization

Evernote dose data synchronization in a quite simplified way. When the user gets connected to the Internet, user can easily synch “notes” via its online account. Since you can sync Evernote with many platforms and devices you may encounter some problems if your data is not in sync. Like let’s a scenario, the Evernote user has two operating systems Windows-7 32 bit version and 64 bit version. He had Evernote desktop client installed on both operating systems. He had customized his Evernote synchronized settings to every 30 minutes and the output. This happened in the 32 - bit operating system. But he went into the 64 - bit operating system and had some changes made in the previous “notes “that he created in 32 - bit OS. But somehow he forgot to synchronize changes to the system ,if he changes back to the 32-bit operating system and recognizes the changes ,he has to go back in 64 - bit OS, only to find that the changes still existed and when both OS got connected with internet they got easily synchronized. The User can easily customize changes and sent notes accordingly. So, If you are facing same kind of problem, do not worry. Evernote has some legal recovery solutions that benefits users to not to lose changes. Evernote saves changes in a notebook site called “conflicting changes“. 


Evernote App is best App for those who loves taking notes of everything. It is ideal app for those who are facing data security problem and data recovery problems. Evernote unique features like Sending Voice Memos to unique users have given Evernote a unique competitive advantage over other apps available in the market. Its interface is quite user-friendly, allows users to complete tasks professionally.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Heather Hess. She is professional Andriod App Developer in leading company in California. She has done lot of research on most emerging mobile apps in market.
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