Best SEO Resources from Google

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Best SEO Resources from Google
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There is a constant debate on whether Google loves SEO or completely works as an anti SEO brigade. While people keep the dialogue on, Google does provide you with great resources to complete your SEO toolkit.

Here is a list of around ten Search Engine Optimization tools extended by Google that are free of cost. These tools are provided by Google and you can use them to make your website rank high in the charts of visibility. These tools are the best for keyword searches and on SEO pages.

Here is a list of the top 10 SEO tools provided by Google:

1. Google Webmaster

It is a tool that keeps a check on your website regularly and guides your website to hit success. This tool behaves like a mechanic that keeps a regular check on your car and identifies problems as soon as they occur to attend it at the earliest. It even notifies you if the speed of your website is not up to the mark.

2. Google Analytics

This tool gives you a detailed analysis of your website, the incoming traffic, the speed and loads of other parameters. You should definitely get Google Analytics to make your website rise high up the ladder of success.

3. Google Zeitgeist

This tool enables you to enhance keyword researches. It shows you the most popular queries put forward by users across the world. The best way to rank the highest in terms of SEO is to have answers to all the queries put forward by the users in your particular domain.

4. Google website Optimizer

This tool gives you the leverage to test different versions of the pages of your website and you can also keep changing them. This optimizer is also called A/B spit testing or can be called multivariate testing. Nowadays Google Website optimizer is hugely used in various websites and SEO circles.

5. Google Trends

This tool enables you to compare and contrast traffic and items that are commonly searched. This is a perfect way to understand whether your topics posted are becoming popular.

6. Google Insights

This tool lets you understand and find out the keywords that are fetching the most traffic.

7. Google Traffic Estimator

This is a perfect tool for determining the amount of visitors that can be drawn to your website with the help of a particular keyword.

8. Google Keyword Tool

This tool estimates the amount of traffic that can be drawn to your websites with the help of keywords. This allows you to understand whether you are on the right path when it comes to the selection of keywords.

9. Google Keyword for Search

This when used in combination with Google Insights allows you to find out the exact keywords that would be best suitable to your website.

10. Google Ad Planner

You can use this tool to make your website popular with the help of ads put forward by Google.

You have to remember that the usage of these tools can make your job simpler but they might not be accurate in every case. It gives the best possible result. By now we can say that Google supports key word research. It also supports on page SEO. Through Google Webmaster we can get some help on building links.

Author Bio: Sara Xiang has been working as a publishing editor and consultant to a few publishing houses for over a decade now. Her expertise along with her desire to learn something new everyday has contributed exceptionally in her projects of Ebooks by Sainsburys. Her online reputation is majorly realistic and crisp.
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