A 3D printed Car is On A Country Tour

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A 3D printed Car is On A Country Tour
Photo: 3Ders
Hybrid engines in an automobile. Yeah you’ve heard about about them. Three wheels for a car? Thinkable seeing how fast paced technology has become. Running at a speed of 68 mph! Are you serious? Ability to carry up to 1200 lbs. Insane! A car which is an assembly of 3D printed parts. Hello Future. We’re bamboozled! Thats Urbee 2 for you and thats where the automobile world is headed people. 

Jim Kor dreamt of a sustainable automobile that would completely change the game of the automobile industry, and hell he did it with this mean machine. You’d be amazed to know the superlative levels to which the vehicle has defined sustainability in the commutation industry.Its exterior frame is built of the ABS plastic that renders it so lightweight that it requires minimal amount of fuel for it to operate. And to add to the characteristics, in when it comes to strength and manipulation, it beats steel anyday! This two seater is nothing short of a marvel. 

The Drive

20 year old Cody and Tyler Kor, 22 are going to get on a coast to coast drive on this commutation revolution from New York city to San Francisco in one go of fuel. Their plan is to refuel the bean shaped Urbee 2 and head henceforth on another route from the west coast to the east coast. 

The inspiration behind the whole drive around dates back to the year 1903 when the car enthusiast and physician Nelson Jackson took off on a similar drive to win a $50 bet. The bet challenged the very idea of covering the whole of United States on a car. On ha 20 hp Winton. with a friend(Sewall K. Crocker) by his side, a pit bull dog that they befriended while on the trip, Jackson did make it through. It took them 63 days and 12 hours for the whole trip. 

The Difference 

A 3D printed Car is On A Country Tour
Photo: popularmechanics
It all sounds pretty similar and the dots connect well. But what's the difference here? Why are Cody and Tyler at it now? The one thing that you probably did not know as of yet is that Jackson used up 800 gallons of fuel to complete the first ever cross country drive. While Cody and Tylor would do the exact same coverage in a jaw dropping 20 gallons of fuel. Did we hear a big WHAT? 

Jim Kor, who is also the team leader to the project is extremely positive about a swift trip on Urbee 2. The Google time claims the trip to be covered in about 44 hours but Kor accepts it may take a little longer than what has been estimated. He acceopts every drive has their own pull downs like there may be a little technical touch up they’d have to stop by for and similar situations but ensures the world of a drive that would stand by its claims and be worth keeping an update of. 

Basics of 3D printing and how its done 

Just to add a little know how on how the car was built out of 3D printed bean shaped parts, the design for the car is executed on CAD. The CAD file is then fed to a 3D printer. The printer reads the design and produces what has been put on it. As simplistic this may sound, it well has its own dynamics involved. 

Author Bio: Adam Prattler works around design strategies and posts a lot of blogs on innovations in design. His enthusiasm for automobiles has driven him to click some of the most magnificent pictures of cars. He also compares different schemes of car rental in Israel.
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