5 Ways to Make Your Site More Fun

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 5 Ways to Make Your Site More Fun
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You can make your site a lot of fun. When you have a fun site then that means you should have visitors coming back regularly plus they might even help to promote your site if it is fun. Having a fun site can literally help sell the items you have.

Think about some of the fun network sites that you know. Some of them might include Foursquare, MyTown and Gowalla. You can even turn a finance website into a fun site. Game mechanics is a great way to help with consumers having some fun.

When you use game mechanics on your site you’ll be looking into challenges, badges, leaderboards, levels and other things. You can get all of these things from something that is called Funware Loop.

Here is a quick OpenWebsiteTutorial's tour: how I made a mobile website and turned it into fun using Funware Loop.

Step 1: You Need To Have Points

If you have a fun site then it’s essential that you need to have points because points are great for helping to boost up the game. You need to have the points both on your app and on the site. Users will be able to keep track of their activity plus do many other things with points.

Be generous with your points as it encourage activity but keep it reasonable. You can also have it to where members can purchase point packages one example would be 1,000,000 points for $20.

Bejeweled is a great example of how a game uses points. It can be addicting playing Bejeweled and watching those points go up.

Step 2: Have User Friendly Leaderboards

A leaderboard is a great way to help convey the fans and the customers with knowing that they are playing a game. The leaderboard should allow users to get motivated and simulated and have some competition when they look at them. If your leaderboard doesn’t provide these things then they might become bored with your game.

On the picture above you can clearly see where the leaderboard is and all you have to do is just click on it and get all of the info that you need to stay motivated with playing the game.

Step 3: Have Badges

It always feels good whenever you receive a badge for something that you won. You can create a variety of badges for all levels of the game. You can call them either badges or ribbons or trophies but the thing is winning a prize after a difficult level will help to motivate players to continue on playing.

In the example above you will see that ribbons are used and the different levels that must be achieved in order to get those ribbons.

Step 4: A Good Challenge Makes The Game Addictive

Successful walkathons or campaigns often times have challenges such as “sign up at least 10 of your friends and receive a special award” and people will go out of their way to get that award. There are many challenges that you can do for your game. Here is one example of Gowalla that offers many challenges:

Once challenge could be is that you can encourage them to invite their friends and get 10,000 bonus points for inviting their friends if they sign up.

Step 5: The Last Step Would Be Levels

You can have thousands of levels or you could just have a few levels. Some of those levels can be complex and others easy. Often times it’s best to make the first few levels easy so that way it will help players to get comfortable with the game.

Diner Dash is a fantastic example of a game that is based upon levels.


Thanks to the latest technology that we have with game mechanics plus Funware it is easy now to have a fun and exciting site.

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