ZTE’s Firefox OS Smartphone Launched in the US and UK eBay

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The Chinese mobile manufacturer recently launched their first ever smartphone that runs with the Firefox OS - The ZTE Open. It went on sale in the United States and United Kingdom through their local eBay shopping hotspots for a low-end price of $80 (£60). Despite the global dominance of the Android and iOS platform, the new smart device from ZTE created a global buzz as one of the cheapest unlocked mobile device.

ZTE’s Firefox OS Smartphone launched in the US and UK eBay


The gadget initially launched as of now, but eventually will be available internationally. According to a recent Forbes Tech Update in the UK, “Telefonica, the telecoms giant which owns O2, is looking to take on Google’s and Apple’s domination of mobile operating systems by joining up with the Mozilla technology business.” The telecommunication company had expressed an interest in the Firefox OS to be the first to bring the product to their subscribers. They might even opt for an exclusive version of a handset with their carrier branding. If this happens, just the like O2’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Firefox handset will be a success. 

ZTE Open’s Budget Friendly Specs

Being an entry-level device, the ZTE Open packs a low-end specification which consists of the following: a multi-touch 3.5-inch screen; 512MB internal storage; 256MB of RAM; 1GHz single-core Qualcomm CPU; and 3-megapixel camera. The initial sales showed a sign of success with almost 1000 buyers recorded separately from the US and UK stores.

The Firefox OS Experience

Firefox OS is a mobile operating system which is based entirely on Linux open source technology. The system is built within the HTML 5 environment with web hosted and packaged applications. This makes the OS a lightweight ecosystem which can run smoothly even on devices with lower end specs.

Minor UI difference

The overall look upon boot-up is a similar experience with the Android mobile OS. Users will not feel alienated with the Firefox environment. There are also a home screen, notification center, lock screen and the application’s tray. The only difference when it comes to the user interface is the absence of app widgets.

In Terms of Apps

The software is web-based, but that doesn’t mean that the applications won’t work when offline. There are two major divisions of software development for the ecosystem: packages apps and hosted apps:

Packaged Apps: Downloaded once is a form of “compressed” package that are stored on the device’s hard drive after installation. This includes the default messaging, camera and dialer app.

Hosted Apps: These are hosted by Mozilla’s server. Each time you launch the app, it will be loaded from the server. It’s an app that links to an online source, but is fitted to your mobile screen. (Ex. Facebook, AccuWeather, Twitter). 

The OS are developed by Mozilla, the same nonprofit organization that brought the popular web browser. Their applications are developed by a community rather than independent firm, which makes it an inexpensive mobile solution. They partnered up with ZTE to bring the experience with a cheaper device. Are they trying to lure the dedicated Android and Apple fans with their affordable range of mobile devices?

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