Can I Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password? Query Dealt With

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If people need to share some important information and want to be assured with its security then sharing the document in PDF file format is the best practice. Because of various restriction services available in PDF file, a user can restrict its access from any third user.

How Does PDF Format Restrict Any Third User to Access It Data

PDF document is embedded with two kind of password protection facility. One is user password and second is owner password and both the passwords have their respective benefits like:

Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password

PDF Owner password (Master password): Unlike normal password which we apply on document to keep it protected from being accessed by any third user, Owner password is quite different. This password does not restrict user to view the document. User can easily open and view the PDF document with owner password protection but would not be able to do any kind of operation over it like editing, printing, document assembly etc. E.g. e-book, many e-books are available in online market that can be opened and viewed easily but if user wants to extract some data from it then they would not be able to do so, because the file is protected with owner password.

PDF User Password: User password is very simple to understand. If a user have got the PDF file and he/she has saved that file in his/her machine and his/her machine has access to some other person as well then to protect the file from second user, actual user of that PDF file set user password to protect the file. After user applying user password protection if any other person tries to open the same PDF file then file will ask for password. Without user password it will not be able to even access the PDF content. But in most of the case it will be owner password that will be imposed on the PDF files when they are published online than the user password.

So, imagine that you got a PDF file with master protection but you are in need of extracting its data say for any reason like making of reports, doing research etc. then how will extract the data?. The question that is striking in your mind must be then can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password? The answer is yes. The extraction, copying, printing, content copying of accessibility, and editing are possible and it can be done by using the third party tool. These days in market there are number of such PDF restriction remover tools available that are capable of removing restrictions from PDF file without doing any alteration in its data. The most demandable and common tool available in online market is PDF Unlocker. Because, of its unique algorithm it is currently ruling the market. Software runs successfully on any Windows OS to help user find the perfect answer for the query of can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password. Edit print, copy or extract data from the PDF files are the general needs raised by PDF users and as PDF is mostly used by the attorneys PDF Unlocker can turn highly helpful for them as well. 

The company is named among top software developer in online market. It has reached to this height because of its quality product and consistent efforts. Its PDF Unlocker is also one of its successful product and helpful for those who want to know can I extract content of PDF without master password.
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