Samsung Unveils Its 8 Incher Whole Wooly Mammoth

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The Samsung Galaxy series is doing wonders in almost every sphere, whether Smartphones or Tablets everywhere the Galaxy series is blowing its success trumpets. Now, there came the third generation tablet from the company that is stuffed with all the amazing features and it is undoubtedly a promising performer every time whenever put to test. This midsized tablet in the Samsung’s tablet fleet is casting its own spell on the minds of all the onlookers. The all new 8 inches beast in the Galaxy family is pretty tweener perhaps a good deal of bang for the bucks you invest in it. Absolute power of Android operating system and dexterous system memory together with a mighty dual core processor makes this gizmo a whole wooly mammoth in its class. That’s right, over here I mean the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung Unveils Its 8 Incher Whole Wooly Mammoth

Design and build

The build dimension of all new Tab 3.0 measures about 209.8 mm x 123.8 mm x 7.4 mm and weighs approximately around 314 grams. Interestingly, the new chum in the family is quite similar in the looks with its predecessors but the build dimensions have helped it to earn few more kudos right in the first go. It is significantly slim than the other clones in the Samsung’s fleet of tablets. Perhaps, one would call it more of big mobile phone rather than the tablet!

The front panel of the tab is bolted with 8 inches IPS LCD capacitive touch screen display that boasts a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a pixel density of 189 ppi. Thus, the display portion is quite impressive especially the 8 inches tank display unit. High pixels density promises rich colors output in vivid clarity and with sharp edges.

Mighty hardware

The company has never compromised with the hardware at any level of its perfection and that’s what keeps it going on and on. Galaxy Tab 3.0 was found to be performance packed in this very case as it envelopes mighty 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor that is coupled intelligently with dexterous 1.5 GB of RAM. Thus, swift multitasking and having a hold onto the multitude application run is no more alien with a future ready tab like this. Relishing the joy of clicking the photographs with its superb 5 Megapixels is something to shout about and the front embedded 1.3 Megapixels snapper offers smearing video calling experience. Apart from this, the monster built in memory of 16 GB that can further be amplified up to gigantic 64 GB via microSD card makes absolute sense. Probably, one wouldn’t need to amply the memory up to 64 GB as the built in flash memory is ample to take care of all the savvy needs of the people.

Software interface

Since Android has always been a favorite platform for Samsung and therefore this is quite certain that the Tab 3.0 would be optimized to run over the same. The Smartphone is powered with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS that proves to be an amazing thing to be incorporated in a device like this. Icing the cake is the truck loaded features that comes along with the Android and the mind blowing widgets along with the customizable home screen.


All in all, the Tab 3.0 is a perfect chum for taking up the mobile phone experience to a new front. Whether it’s about the multitasking or whether it’s about handling the multitude application run, the gizmo does it all with sheer ease. We like the thin and light design, bright and colorful display and the fact that you can enjoy many of the same software features found on Samsung Galaxy phones, such as Quick Settings and Multi Window view. However, one would surely air with thoughts regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 price as it sounds more of a high end tab than a budgeted one. Apparently, the tab falls in the mid range series and therefore it would be no herculean to make it as a pick.

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