Renew Your iPhone’s Magic With Fresh iOS Applications

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Renew Your iPhone’s Magic With Fresh iOS Apps

Now, it is the time of exploring new iPhone & iPad apps for your device. In last few days, we have encountered some iconic iOS apps, which are going to stay in the devices of iOS users for a long time. However, you should not expect the magic of Angry Bird or iShooter as of now but these apps are really doing well. There are few apps, which has earned the sudden response of the iOS users. So, you just need to read about these apps and take the ones that you love to have in your device.

DJay 2

After the grand success of its first app called DJay for iOS devices, the developer has come up with the sequel of its first application. This version of app introduces an entirely new user interfaces. The users can learn using this app with a sample player & recorder. You will also get a modified spinner for playing music. The version of iPad is quite expensive but you can enjoy it in iPhone because it is available at the cost of £0.69 for iPhone and £2.99 for iPad.

Renew Your iPhone’s Magic With Fresh iOS Apps


It is a wonderful app for youngsters, who love to do photography with their iPhone devices. However, it can confuse the aged ones. Technically, you can click the pictures of your front and rear at the same time. Further, you can share them together to boast some unique photography skills of yours. It is a free app so you do not need to worry about the price.

Renew Your iPhone’s Magic With Fresh iOS Apps

Totally Pregnant

Well, if you are going to be a mother in coming months then this app can really help you in a great manner. It simply shows to women that how their babies take shape inside the womb. Moreover, it offers a long list of advices, reference for needful products, and discounts. You can get this app as a freebie from the iTunes. So, just bestow an iPhone upon your wife with this app.

Sky Tourists

Available at the cost of £0.69 at iTunes, it is an interesting gaming app that you can avail at nominal cost. It sports a long series of physics based puzzles. It will be an interesting journey through the 75 levels, where you will be helping your hero ‘Petey’ in getting over the obstacles of each step. It will eventually give a sheer adventure to you.

Renew Your iPhone’s Magic With Fresh iOS Apps


If you are aware of this website then you will not take time to get this app, especially if you are in coding business or learning any programming language. The website has recently launched its iPad app to teach people how to code via an iPad device. You just need to get this app and learn Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, CSS, and SQL. It is available as a freebie at iTunes. So, you can get this app now.

Now, you can choose your apps out of these above-mentioned applications. It is true that some of these apps will soon lose the momentum but some apps will remain in the limelight for coming months.

Author Bio: Rick Brown is a blogger & writes for a leading iOS application development. He provides concrete information about mobile apps development & latest technology trends, also hire iOS Developer for your next iPhone Apps Development.
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