The Best Monitoring and Parental Control Software

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Computer Monitoring Software and Parental Control Software often come as one package, or are provided by the same companies. Although there are a lot of companies on the internet that either offer one or the other. If you're interested in both, then this articles is for you. We've taken a look at some of the top companies for the best monitoring and parental control software. Enjoy...

The Best Monitoring and Parental Control Software

Gecko Monitor & Gecko Filter

Gecko Monitor & Gecko Filter are sold separately, but you can buy both together at a discounted rate. Gecko Monitor is a great monitoring application with reliable reporting. And Gecko Filter is a great parental control application with a few extra features. Both are easy to use and are at the top of their game – the price tag is reasonable too.

Net Nanny

If you're looking for just parental control software, then Net Nanny is the most popular on the market. It has no real monitoring features (although it does monitor internet use), but the blocking and filtering is the strongest you'll find and the price is hard to beat. It's also very easy to use.


Webwatcher is another top dog. With both strong monitoring and parental capabilities, this program is one to look at if you're after both. The reports can be viewed online at any time in real time, and there's an extensive selection of categories to choose from the block. The price here is a little steep but if it's what your after it may be worth it.

PC Pandora

PC Pandora has strong monitoring capabilities with some brilliant features, with a few parental control features chucked in. You can blacklist based on around 50 categories, or you can block everything and choose the websites you wish to whitelist. All in all PC Pandora is great package with a decent price tag.

There are plenty of other applications to choose from online, and there will almost definitely be one to suit your particular needs. These are probably the best and most popular but are certainly by no means the only ones to for. A quick search on google will help you find what you need. For example, if you need webcam monitoring Win-Spy is worth looking at. If you'd like a catalogue of kids websites with everything else blocked, Gecko Filter is what you'll need.
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