9 Things That are Ruining Your Blog’s Effectiveness

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9 Things That are Ruining Your Blog’s Effectiveness
Transforming a blog from an infrequently viewed website into a marketing powerhouse requires a commitment of time, effort, energy, and perhaps even a financial commitment. Businesses and brands, however, are willing to provide this commitment because they recognize just how effective blogs can be at increasing web traffic and improving brand recognition.

One of the worst experiences for a business, however, is investing time and energy into a blog only to discover that traffic is still stagnating and the blog’s popularity continues to wane. If you are investing time and energy into maintaining a blog, what is standing in the way of the blog increasing in popularity? Often, a few simple mistakes are the root of the problem. Here are nine things that may be ruining your blog’s effectiveness. Eliminating these errors will increase your blog’s prominence and allow it to work for your brand rather than against your brand.

Sales-Heavy Content

If you are producing content on a blog that is too sales-heavy, you might be driving consumers away from your blog and threatening your blog’s effectiveness. Consumers are not opposed to reading sales pitches in a blog format, but this cannot represent the bulk of your content efforts. If consumers want to be sold to, they will simply turn on a television or radio and listen to the advertisements. They seek out blogs because they are craving interesting and relevant information. Find the balance between advertising and informing, and your blog’s ratings will improve.

Ignoring Consumer Comments

Ignoring the customer is one of the worst mistakes you can make with a blog. Consumers who are willing to comment on a blog are showing their interest in the subject. If you respond by ignoring the comment, you will not only have lost a potential blog follower, but you’ll also be communicating to other readers that your brand has no interest in connecting intimately with the consumer population.

Bad-mouthing the Competition

You may think that trash talking the competition will elevate your own brand in the mind of the consumer, but the opposite is actually true. A brand that continually uses its blog to make harsh comments about other businesses may be perceived as petty or immature. Consumers may assume that, if your brand has to resort to name calling to attract attention, the product or service you are offering must not have a lot of merit.

Poor Design Elements

Bad design is a guaranteed blog killer, and many marketing professionals simply forget this truth. If your blog is poorly designed or features bland themes and design elements, consumers may reject your blog without reading a single word. Using a high quality WordPress template or blog template will dramatically improve your blog’s effectiveness.

No Design Changes or Updates

Similarly, failing to continually update or change your blog’s appearance may also be threatening its effectiveness. Consumers like to see visual changes that reflect the adaptations occurring within the blog content. By adding a new WordPress theme or changing a few of the visual elements, you’ll show your consumer population that your blog is modern and updated.

Boring Content

Content that is boring won’t attract consumer attention or generate brand awareness. Consumers don’t want to read boring; they want to read interesting, humorous, engaging, controversial, and informative. If your blog is failing, try jazzing up the content.

Content Written for Search Engines

Writing content for search engines is another common blogging mistake. Consumers can spot bad keyword stuffing a mile away, and search engines won’t react positively to poorly written content, either. Appeal first to the consumer, and your blog’s presence in the search engines will take care of itself.

No Content Focus

Failing to have a clearly defined focus for your content is another common blogging disaster. If you try to write about a subject that is too broad or ambitious, you likely won’t be able to offer the detail that consumers need to continue checking your blog. Instead of writing about coffee, for example, you could focus your efforts on discussing coffee culture, coffee business, or techniques for preparing excellent coffee. The more you focus when developing content, the more successful your blog will be.

Infrequent Updating

One thing that may be ruining your blog’s effectiveness is infrequent updating. For a blog to be successful at generating consumer attention and improving brand recognition, it must be updated on a continual basis. Unless you are generating new content every single week, and preferably every single day, your consumer population will not learn to check your blog regularly. They will start to assume that your brand is inactive or out of touch, and this can be detrimental to the success of your marketing efforts. Create content regularly, and consumers will begin to expect new content from your brand.

These nine blogging mistakes may be ruining the effectiveness of your blog. Because a blog can be such a powerful marketing tool, it’s important to pay attention to how your blog is functioning and how consumers are reacting to your blog’s content and design. Making a few subtle changes may dramatically increase the results your blog can achieve.

Author Bio: Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a web studio that creates original WordPress themes, that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology tips.
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