The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

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The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating and game-changing industry. It combines basic business principles, adding in internet codes and various metric algorithms—all to form one of the leading components in the marketing industry.

SEO is an important part of today’s internet marketing strategy—allowing individual websites to receive better web visibility and traffic. As more people are going online, the demand for SEO marketing services continues to grow exponentially.

It’s a fast-paced business that is constantly changing to keep up with Google’s updates (algorithms such as Penguin), which helps to enforce having high-quality content throughout the web.

Those new to this industry can feel lost at first, but there are many useful tools are available—most of which are for free. They read all of the backend specs of websites; including: page ranks, backlinks, IP addresses, etc.

Here are several essential SEO programs worth having:

1. Either Moz or SEO Quake for Reading Analytics 

Moz (previously branded as SEOMoz) and SEO Quake are both popular analytic programs. Moz offers a Toolbox page that inserts a site’s specs right below the URL. It is a neat feature to have and allows a clear display of all of the site’s information. Moz offers a wide-variety of SEO features; however, they all require paid accounts.

On the plus side, Moz provides free guides and information to anyone looking for additional SEO information. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is one to add to your bookmarks tab. To chat with other SEO professionals, Moz includes an extensive free blog forum, allowing SEO marketers to connect over a variety of topics and issues.

A completely free alternative to Moz, SEO Quake is a useful, reliable free alternative to Moz. While it doesn’t have nearly as many bells and whistles, it provides great services and accurate analytic tools.

The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

2. Google AdWords for Key Word Research

While Google AdWords provides pay-per-click (CPC) advertising, it also displays relevant keywords used by internet users. With this tool, finding relevant search terms are no longer just a guessing game.

It’s a simple tool that makes online marketing not only easier, but helps to narrow down and focus on specific web searches. Just enter either your product name or URL and relevant keywords will be displayed with their estimated web traffic results.

The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

Here is a closer look at which industries use Google AdWords:

Since SEO specialists must market their clients throughout the web, and that 54% of businesses use Google AdWords for shopping purposes, it is crucial to use this tool to better market and rank higher within the search engines.
The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

3. Google+ for creating an Online Social Identity

For SEO specialists who do guest blogging, this means needing to get on the bandwagon and use Google+ to receive Google Authorship—which will create a boost in rank search results.

Anything blogged about needs to be seen by web traffic— otherwise SEO specialists are simply blogging and getting their content lost in the realms of cyberspace.

The Essential Ins and Outs of Learning SEO - 3 Tools for the Best Results

In previous years, many users were skeptical about the purpose of using Google+, but it has quickly skyrocketed— becoming the second most active social media network. Trails right behind Facebook. A report from the Global World Index showed that Facebook at 693 million active users in December of 2012; compared to 343 million users on Google+.

Be sure to use author tagging by first creating a Google+ profile, then link all email addresses used within the profile. Under the Google+ profile page, there is a “contribute to section, which you can list any site you have contributed to.

It’s an easy process which will reap many beneficial results to your SEO campaigns.

Keep in mind that there are many other SEO tools and social media outlets that can be utilized to boost SEO results; however, the three mentioned above provide a solid-footing to succeed in this very large, yet specific marketing sector.

This industry is an ever-changing experience that allows constant professional growth. Relying on these valuable tools is truly essential in a fast-paced industry where the game constantly changes.

Author Bio: Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for DTV’s High Speed Internet Packages.  She is a published journalist & blogger with an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
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