Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is Really Worth Your Money

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Given the steep surge in data loss incidents every year, the trend of data recovery has managed to remain in vogue. Data is an easy prey and may disappear in a flash only to let you face the harshest consequences. If you are not prepared for this likelihood, then you are creating yourself trouble. If you are plagued by similar things, this is the time to opt for professional data recovery aid. Fortunately, data recovery software are there to do this job for you in a more astute way. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one of these utilities that include a good deal of functionality to give you the best shot at recovering all your salvageable data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is Really worth Your Money
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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is available in three editions – Home, Professional, and Technician. These three editions target different spectrum of users who have varied requirements. For having your hands on them, you need to navigate to the Stellar Data Recovery official website and choose the desired edition. To reduce your trouble, each of these editions has 'Demo' and 'Full' versions. You can download the Demo version without spending a single penny for analyzing the software for functionality. This version limits your recovery to previewing all recovered data in the interface. You need to register the Demo to take advantage of the Full version and recover all the files you previewed using the Demo.

We will discuss about the 'Professional' edition of the most recent launch - Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6.0.


The main screen of the software is detailed, colorful, and packed with plenty of functionality. The interface is responsive and is designed in such a way that it minimizes your learning curve. You are provided with three tabs once you launch the tool – 'Data Recovery', 'Recovery from Image', and 'Advance Option'. The company claims a lot to offer with this tool. Let us brief the basic as well as advanced functionality integrated into this data recovery application.

Data Recovery

The 'Data Recovery' tab brings to you four different recovery modules:
  • Drive Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • CD DVD Recovery
  • Email Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is Really worth Your Money

'Drive Recovery' lists all the logical volumes in a section. You can choose any volume here and start recovering your data using the displayed options on the flying pane. You can also search volumes lost or deleted on your hard drive or any other removable media. 'Photo Recovery' takes care of your photo loss or deletion mistakes. With this module, you can recover every type of image and multimedia file without investing much of your time and effort. With 'CD DVD Recovery', you can retrieve inaccessible files residing on an incorrectly burnt or damaged optical disc, including CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. In the bottommost corner, you will find 'Email Recovery' that can be used for recovering lost email data in MS Outlook and Outlook Express data files.

Advance Option

The software also comes with built-in data backup and drive monitoring tools. 'Create Image' under 'Advance Option' facilitates you to image your hard drive or volume to keep a copy of your data. The image replicates the contents of source and excludes a bad sectors if found. You can dig further and select a specific region of the media to be imaged.

With the 'Clone Drive' option, it is easy to clone any of your internal or external Mac drive to another media. 'Drive Status' is another feature that adds to the usability, giving you the ability to have a closer look at your hard drive status. With this add-on feature, you can sense when your drives are about to crash and need a replacement.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is Really worth Your Money

Recovery from Image

This is one of the major highlights in the feature's list. 'Recovery from Image' lets you load any media image created earlier with the software to recommence the process of recovery at a later time. It is a much flexible approach allowing you to perform recovery in two phases conveniently.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is Really worth Your Money

This Windows file recovery application helps you stay in control of the entire process of recovery, no matter how your data has been compromised. The software offers the following list of salient features:
  • Precise recovery of data from Windows hard drives, removable disks, and optical media
  • Recovery of lost photos from memory cards, hard drives, and other storage media
  • Retrieves inaccessible files stored on damaged or corrupt optical discs
  • Recovery of deleted emails and other data in MS Outlook and Outlook Express
  • 'Raw Recovery' feature to find data on your drive using file signatures
  • Supports imaging and cloning Windows hard drives and volumes
  • Supports FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT file systems
The Verdict

The software brings a number of options at your disposal to provide you a scalable environment for recovery. However, it may be frustrating to use for those who are uncomfortable with advanced settings. Overall, this multifaceted utility can get the job done for all cases of data loss, including simple accidental deletions to system crashes and similar catastrophic disasters.
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