Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet is Now Official with Full HD 6.4-inch Display

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There are several new terms arriving in the market due to the cut-throat competition among the brands, which are proving to be better than each other at so many different levels. Asus launched the PadFone, which has an extended display screen and Huawei launched the slimmest smart-phone in the world. Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Asus and Huawei are unveiling amazing models day in and day out, in order to be ahead of each other and; are ready to even slit each other’s throats, in desperation.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Features and Specifications

Quick Competition

With the Xperia Z launched, which was Sony’s flagship model carrying the USP of being the only water-proof high-end touch-screen smart-phone in the market, they weren’t the only one for too long. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 Active to ruin Sony’s party immediately after that. Samsung now has phones for every need and requirement. HTC also slowly takes over with classy built phones, but also managing not to clutter in the market too much. Nokia stands to be different, while Apple decides to stay minimalistic since the beginning.


Sony doesn’t seem to be comfortable with all these facts and is here to answer them all with the new Xperia Z Ultra Phablet. The most important part of the smart-phone is its 6.4” majestic screen, which is currently the largest ever Full HD smart-phone screen in the world. The smart-phone is built with Sony’s TRILUMINOUS technology, which is used on Sony’s Bravia HDTVs for really accurate contrast and colours. The phone despite being really huge on the screen manages to impress in its dimensions mainly because of its 6.5mm thickness, which is, as the company says, as the same width of that of a passport.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Features and Specifications

The smart-phone does not just stand strong on the dimensions, but also does not fail to impress on its durability. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet shares its genes with Xperia Z and is not afraid to join you when one decides to go for a swim. The Phablet comes with a water-proof casing despite its sophisticated technology and works out as a great dust-resistant smart-phone as well. Sony Xperia Z Ultra can sustain in to 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes with the water-proof casing. Sony is really taking on other smart-phones really very seriously with this one, for sure.


The processor on the Xperia Z Ultra Phablet is a mental 2.2GHz CPU which supports a 4G LTE connectivity as well. The Quadcore processor comes with all the hardware integrated in the smart-phone to help to use them while downloading apps on its up-to-date Android based 4.2 Jell Bean. Sony has added own apps like the new WALKMAN app, Movies app and Album app. There is supposedly a better integration with the Android cloud, in the humongous smart-phone.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Features and Specifications

Connectivity & Camera

Sony hasn’t forgotten the practicality in the smart-phone and has promised a great battery back-up of up to 14 hours of talk-time. NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer and gyro are standard as the rest of the smart-phones as well. With all the great hardware stuffed together, the camera stuffed in the smart-phone is great too. With the 8 mega pixel sensor, the camera provides great matching quality for the Full HD 6.4” large screen. The software called as X-Reality supports the camera and provides a great 1080p resolution on the smart-phone.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Features and Specifications

The smart-phone weighs just 122g despite all that heavy machinery stuffed, especially with such a huge display-screen. The most important way of using a Phablet is with the use of a stylus. Sony has given a high priority to that quality and added one gorgeous feature of using any stylus, in the Xperia Z Ultra. The smart-phone includes a ‘Pencil’ recognition feature that actually recognizes any object that touches its surface; including a real pencil. So the Phablet can work with almost any stylus that is dragged over on the screen, giving the user a versatility and comfort, without thinking twice.


The secondary camera on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a 2 mega pixel camera which allows great quality video conference, especially when the smart-phone is equipped with the super fast next generation 4G LTE option. The smart-phone has a 16 GB of internal memory space, which can be extended up to 64 GB, if you want to take a ton of more pictures and Full HD quality videos. The latest headphone jack is water-proof too, unlike the Xperia water-proof models that had really tough covers over it, which needed crazy finger nails to open them off. This new waterproof headphone jack is bliss, when compared.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Features and Specifications
With all these crazy features, it is sad to know that there is no LED flash in the smart-phone. The hot-looking smart-phone is however not bad at all despite its size and features provided. The design structure is very similar to that of the Xperia Z with tempered glass in the back. Sony calls it the OmniBalance design. Along with the smart-phone, Sony launched it SmartWatch 2 which can be connected to the Sony Xperia Z Phablet. The SmartWatch comes with a 1.6” screen with swipe and touch functions and an amazing battery back-up of 3-4 days on a typical usage.

Direct Competition

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet is in the league of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but actually providing much more than the Samsung’s big boy can deliver. The Phablet is water-proof, dust resistant; which is a more powerful than the originally launched Xperia Z; runs on a Full HD 6.4” large screen, which is the largest in the world on any smart-phone and is available in 3 colours of white, black and purple.

So with the rising competition in the market and new phones which look like a tablet, new tablets that function like phones, some merged with both and some extended into two different gadgets, Sony has defined a new statement to all those in the league with the latest Xperia Z Ultra. The only thing that is of worry right now is if the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet fits into the trouser pocket or not.
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