Present Information in an Epic Way

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Present Information in an Epic Way

Let’s face it, how information is given to a person directly affects how it is processed and whether or not it is retained. By presenting information in a way that is both interesting and memorable, you can increase the retention rate. This is very important because if no one remembers the key elements of what you are saying, all your time amounts to nothing more than a waste. There are a number of easy and effective options that you can choose from when compiling the information that you hope to present. These modes of communicating information will ensure that your valuable time was not spent in vane.


Prezi is a cloud based software designed in a collaborative effort between some outstanding software companies. It enables the user to present information in a virtual area. Due to the fact that it is cloud type software, it can be accessed and collaborated on by many different people at different locations. This makes it a great choice for projects that have more than one person working on them. It eliminates the need for transferring files and even the need to be in the same country. As an added bonus there is even an app for the iPad.


Infographics are a compilation of text and graphics. They are eye-catching, usually colorful and have a good resonation with the public. The combination of text and graphics can help your subjects more easily process the ideas that you present and promote a better understanding of the concept. Infographics are not a new concept, they have been used for many centuries and for many purposes. Some of the earliest known were used to help humanity better understand the world around them and how it works. Present day infographics include items such as subway and transportation maps. There are many elements that need to be considered in order to have an infographic succeed at its intended purpose. This includes the wording, the graphic element, the spatial layout and the color scheme. It can sound complicated, but that is why there are services and programs that can help you to design an awesome infographic like Infographic World.


Never underestimate the power of animation. Presenting information as an animated short will help make it more memorable and there are programs available online to help you. If the information that you are dealing with can be presented in a skit form, you may want to consider this method. The programs available range in the level of knowledge needed to operate them. For instance POW is an animation program that is very basic and is marketed toward kids.

The information that you are trying to present is obviously important. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be knowledge, you will be ensuring that it is not forgotten. Many of the different presentation methods will also transfer well to social media outlets, blogs and YouTube. So if social media is a part of your marketing strategy, and it should be, you could end up with a great presentation and some exceptional content.

Author Bio: Marianne Ross is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger who shares her business related tips on various blogs.
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