How Mobile Spy Software is Used to Catch Cheating Employees

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All business owners like to believe their employees are trustworthy and reliable. However, the hard truth is this is not always true. There are people who sometimes get tempted by greed and attempt to steal from those who have provided them with a wage for the past ‘x’ years.

There are also employees who tend to slack more than others do. Most employers don’t mind the odd personal phone call or long lunch break if it merely happens now and again. Yet, if an employee uses their work phone to make personal phone calls every single day, you can find your expenditure being much higher than necessary. That’s just a mere example of how staff privileges can be taken advantage of.

How Mobile Spy Software is Used to Catch Cheating Employees

The trouble is that it’s increasingly difficult to monitor what all of your employees are doing – this is especially the case for large corporations. You can’t spend all your time spying on each and every member of staff. And luckily you don’t have to because mobile spy software does all the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at how software can help you catch cheating employees by assessing the MobileSpy features available today...

Record Surrounding

This feature allows you to hear the surround sound of your employees’ mobile phone. All you need to do is send a command from the online control panel and you will get a live feed of the employee’s phone recorder. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons. You can figure out where employees are, you can listen in on meetings or phone calls to ensure productivity and effectiveness, and so on and so forth.

GPS Locations Log

This is one of the most beneficial features of MobileSpy in the eyes of most employers. You can locate whereabouts your employee is as well as where they have been prior to your search. This is advantageous because you can ensure your employees are doing the tasks you have asked of them when working out of office – not merely taking the opportunity to go shopping! Furthermore, this feature is extremely useful in industries such as trucking. You can make sure drivers stay on route.

How Mobile Spy Software is Used to Catch Cheating Employees

Call Log

How long does your employee spend on their phone? Who are they calling? When in the day do they use their mobile? This feature allows you to ensure that your employees are using their phone for merely business use and nothing more. So many employees use their mobiles for personal calls and rack up a substantial bill with employers being none the wiser.

Email Log

This is a great feature as not only will you be able to make sure your employees don’t spend their days writing personal emails, but you will also be able to see how they conduct their emails. Are they dealing with clients and customers in a professional manner?

How Mobile Spy Software is Used to Catch Cheating Employees

Stealth Camera

There is no better proof then seeing it with your own eyes. If you want to know what your employee is up to then all you need to do is send a secret command to their phone which will silently turn on their camera. You will then receive a live feed of what the camera can see.

The features mentioned in this article are just five of the fantastic ways spy software can help you to catch cheating employees. Aside from this you also have the ability to check contacts, text messages, URL log, photo and video log, social network log, application blocking, YouTube videos, iMessages, BB Pin Messages, Calendar Events, Tasks, Gmail and more.

How Mobile Spy Software is Used to Catch Cheating Employees

Author Bio: Rosette has been developing mobile app and software solutions for 12 years. She recently wrote a report on how MobileSpy features are groundbreaking in the world of spy software.
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