Vignette is the Most Compelling Photo Editing App Designed For Android Devices

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In the fastest growing Android industry, there are broadest ranges of applications and it is impossible for the users to go through each of these apps. An enormous portfolio of photo editing apps are available that are facilitating the professional photographers. Out of this massive cluster, only few apps offer unique cutting-edge features and engage users for longer time duration.

Download Vignette App for Andrioid Devices

Vignette Application

Amongst these few apps, “Vignette” is the most inspiring photo editing application that incorporates cool compelling techniques and provides unparalleled features. Confidently use this app and add more value to your pictures.

Users would enjoy exceptional editing experience as Vignette features 50 frames along with a massive collection of 70 customizable filters. Users can easily take snaps when they are on the move. The price of this app is very nominal (approx. $2.5), whereas the features are extremely rich and advantageous.
Photographers using Android products (4.0+ version) are provided the flexibility to launch this application from their device’s lock screen. Most compelling feature is the ability to capture images underwater as well.

Download Vignette App for Andrioid Devices

Smart Features of this App

Now we shall look further deep into the leading-edge features of this Vignette app:
  • Pictures can be easily shared directly and also through 3rd party applications.
  • Users can also impose date and time on the pictures.
  • It features remote shutter. Enjoy this option with wired headset as well as remote blue-tooth.
  • Unique editing options provided by tilt-shift, cross-process, instant camera styles and many other techniques, thus making it a top-notch application.
  • Give a classic vintage look to the images while maintaining high resolutions.
  • Double exposure feature enables Android users to add more life, thus making the images more vibrant. Photo booth functionality also has been incorporated.
  • In addition to picture editing, Vignette is also a camera application. Conveniently add effects and capture high resolution images.
  • All of this attractive material can be easily shared, so the members of the Vignette community would also view your splendid collection.
  • Be ensured of exceptional picture clarity by using the smart touch-to-focus option. Take advantage of the steady-shot, and time lapse features.
  • This application supports Android devices’ flash and front cameras.
  • This app also supports Samsung EK-GC100 camera. Majority of the smart phones can be used for a remarkable 10x digital zoom.
  • Increase your collection by importing pictures from other platforms.
  • More information can be stored for your pictures with the help of geo-tagging feature.
  • Volume control buttons of your smart phone can be used to navigate shutter button.
  • The home screen features various controls that allow camera switching along with zoom, flash and much more.
Vignette is the Most Compelling Photo Editing App Designed For Android Devices

Internet connection is not necessary to use this Vignette application. So the users can enlighten up their images with little effort. Good thing about this Vignette app is that the images would never be stored onto the main server. The same approach is also used by the popular Instagram. This awesome application would surely surprise the photographers and exceed their expectations. So confidently download it from Google Play Store and use your Android device to add splendid effects.

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