How to Improve Your Health Using the iPad

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How to Improve Your Health using the iPad

It’s all the buzz, eating healthy and exercising is more popular now then it’s ever been. The miracle pills, slim down shakes and even the magic waist trimmer bands are a thing of the past! People are taking control of their health and with all the new technologies constantly coming into the health scene, it’s as easy as 1...2…3 to get and stay fit!

As a researcher for an iPad repair company I’m constantly investigating new apps. Health and fitness is a big passion of mine, so when it comes to the top apps for keeping my health at optimum levels, well it’s a pleasure to bring you the tips and advice I have uncovered during my explorations! I have to admit I use both of these apps myself and can testify to how well they work in my life. Take a glance below for the specifics.

Count Calories the Easy Way

For iPad users, the MyFitnessPal Calorie and Diet tracker is a must! If you’re on a specific type of diet and you need to track your foods, this app can help you get instant access to calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, sodium and cabs. The best part is they have over two million foods already in their database. Basically, you pop the food you are about to eat and it comes back with the complete breakdown of nutrition information.

How to Improve Your Health using the iPad

If you eat certain foods often, such as oatmeal and a banana for breakfast of a turkey sandwich for lunch, this app will actually remember your favorite foods making your experience quick and streamlined. The barcode scanner is awesome, if you want to upload a certain food, simply scan the barcode and it’s saved into your favorites list. The best part, it’s totally free. Most apps I searched for actually had a charge for this type of service.

MyFitnessPal has a 4+ star rating and was featured as one of the editor’s top choice for Ipad apps in PC Magazine. I currently use this app and have lost 22 pounds so far! It’s easier to lose weight when you actually have to take a look at everything you eat, so if you need to lose some weight, this app is perfect!

Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Google play has an extraordinary app called Workout Trainer. This app is fantastic if you are looking for something a little different every day. The same ol, same ol is no longer an issue with their interactive workout videos, tutorials and workout programs. Each program is timed and has professional trainers walking you through your workout!

How to Improve Your Health using the iPad

This app is like having your very own personal trainer but for free! Listen to your favorite music while the personal trainers talk you through your workout. There’s also a pro version that you can purchase but it’s not necessary, you can still get some great workouts in the free version. There is even a free fitness consultation that creates a fully customized workout plan.

Target problem areas, work certain muscle groups and create a personalized workout, all in one app. The cool part about this app is it’ll send you a daily workout so your body never gets used to the same workout. This is great because we all know what happens when you do the same movements over and over again...plateau!

No matter if you need to lose a few pounds or a substantial amount of weight, using your iPad or smart phone can help you achieve your goals!

Author Bio: Sarah Shade is a writer for an iPad repair company; she researches the best apps for iPads and smart phones. She brings interesting news and tips for mobile device users.
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