Facebook Leads the Way with VoIP Technology While Others Follow Closely

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Facebook Leads the Way with VoIP Technology

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology is the way of the future. Facebook, one of the largest websites on the Internet for social networking, is leading the way in VoIP technology by allowing users to chat with each other using Facebook chat while on their phones.

Facebook Use of VoIP

The advances that Facebook is making will allow normal users to take advantage of everything VoIP has to offer. Users can log into Facebook chat and talk with another person as if they were calling them on a telephone. At the time of writing this, the Facebook VoIP service does not cost users anything to use. The only cost users will face while using it revolves around the cost for data transmission, especially if the VoIP is being utilized from a phone.

Facebook Leads the Way with VoIP Technology

The big question revolves around how Facebook's VoIP compares to services like Viber and Rebtel.

Viber Desktop Update

Viber has just released an app that allows Mac and PC users to take advantage of the VoIP service that mobile users have been able to enjoy for years now. In addition to that, they've updated to version 3.0 of their app for mobile phones, which allows for better call clarity,improved photo sharing and a brand new voice engine that is supported by even more languages than the previous versions. The biggest feature seems to be the ability to switch between the Viber mobile application and the Viber desktop application in a seamless fashion.

Facebook Leads the Way with VoIP Technology

Rebtel Launch VoIP SDK

Rebtel has launched an update that takes VoIP in a completely different direction. Instead of pushing out an update that expands their VoIP service to Mac and PC users, Rebtel has made a free VoIP SDK available for iOS and Android app makers. This will allow independent applications to be made that utilize the technology of VoIP for groups that need it. If a social networking website wanted to make a move similar to Facebook, then Rebtel would certainly be the option to use.

Facebook Leads the Way with VoIP Technology

Modern VoIP offers users a large number of features, but at the most basic level it provides users with the ability to phone each other. The cost of calling one VoIP user utilizing the same network is usually free with most services and the price of calling from a VoIP device to a regular telephone can be cheaper than a monthly phone service subscription. With the availability of VoIP spreading across not only devices but also websites and the improvements that established VoIP providers are making to their technology to provide better call quality, it seems like users will seriously have to consider moving to VoIP service. Even the cost of VoIP, which used to be significantly higher than the cost of regular phone service, has decreased in price during the previous years.

Author Bio: Jonny Grant, an expert in VoIP technology and working at providers Packnet. Jonny writes regularly about the updates in VoIP, both from a business and consumer perspective.
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