Chatwing, A Free Live Chat Widget for Blogs and Websites

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Chatwing is a free live chat widget for bloggers, websites, or any web page. It has many customization features and people have said it is the most sophisticated free chat tool they have seen.

Chatwing, A Free Live Chat Widget for Bloggers and Websites

The Reliable and Professional Chatwing Experience

If cars can take us into different places, websites can do the same on the level of information and data relay. Websites are even faster - in just a single click, you can access tons of data in all niches imaginable. This is the reason why many people are choosing online transactions over physical ones. Internet saves time and it is a precursor to anyone’s success. Do you want to take your website chat experience to a new level?

A chat app known as Chatwing can give you a refreshing communication experience. The chatroom is trendy and appeals to younger generations. Aside from that, Chatwing tool can even be used by online marketing professionals from various niches. Registration is easy: you just need to input your email address and desired password. There is no need to wait for confirmation links or messages. After that, you can now edit the appearance of the chatroom in the account dashboard. Colors and sizes can be adjusted freely, based on your preferences.

Chatwing, A Free Live Chat Widget for Bloggers and Websites

Background image upload is another unique feature of the Chatwing tool. There are background images to choose from, but you can upload an image of your choice. This can be an image of your favorite animal, or your direct market brand. This is the reason why Chatwing app can be used for any branding or rebranding purpose. The chat tool has three form factors or styles: actual shoutbox, pop-up window, and vanity URL. With such flexibility, you can tweak the chat box experience all the time.

Dealing with obnoxious members is also a breeze in the Chatwing tool. Have you ever encountered trolls in any chatroom? Many people consider them as nuisances to any conversation or topic. Take care of these trolls by banning them and determining how long they will be blocked from the chatroom. Block them for days, if you wanted to. Alternatively, you can block them through their social media account usernames.

Social media connectivity is also a strong factor of the Chatwing chat software. Now, users can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo accounts. Registered Chatwing users can also use their login data easily. Chatwing is currently making a name and reputation in the blogosphere and other online niches. Take control of this opportunity at any time you want.
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