How to Format Samsung Galaxy Y [Guest Article]

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Simple steps in this article will allow you to format your Samsung Galaxy Y. It has the incredible features of ARM 6 processor 830 MHz, 290MB of Ram, 32 GB memory that can be expanded. This device too has a lot of fan following and sales have already gathered momentum. Of course, this is extremely natural since not only the device has a good hardware and stunning aesthetics but also an affordable price.

How to Format Samsung Galaxy Y

The Android Smartphone is the best choice when you have to store your valuable files, data, documents and all those private moments captured live in images! Androids are something that can add a feather to your hat, and it could be your right hand in terms of assistance. Follow these instructions and you would not find it hard to format your Samsung Galaxy Y.

The Initial Preparation

The exact first step will be to recharge your battery and do not start the steps unless there is eighty per cent charging in your cell. It is preferable to keep a back-up of all the files, docs and images that are stored in your device for unfortunate circumstances. The list must also have APN, Bookmarks, Call logs, messages, and mms settings on your phone.

Additionally you must also install a “custom recover Image” for the device. For doing this, you must download Clockwork Mod Recovery from the net.

The third step will be to start USB debugging, and this can be done by going to settings, then applications, then to development and then USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy Y.

How to reset or format the Samsung Galaxy Y

Here are the steps that will let you format or even reset your device. Follow these instructions:

Step 1:
  • Switch off the Samsung Galaxy Y device.
Step 2:
  • Click the three buttons simultaneously- Volume Up + Middle Menu + power button.
Step 3:
  • After doing so for five seconds, you will notice that the Recovery menu on your android has popped up.
Step 4:
  • You will see the following options displayed- 
          - Reboot system now
          - Second option is applying the update from sdcar
          - Third option--->wipe data/factory reset
          - Fourth option--->wipe cache partition

Step 5:
  • Using the volume key you can now choose the Wipe data/factory reset option and then press the button of menu for confirming (touch screen will not be functional in this mode).
Step 6:
  • Rebooting will start soon after.
All the data from your handset will now be removed, and you can start putting in data as per your requirements.

Note: With the help of this step-by-step tutorial you can surely format your Samsung Galaxy Y; however, it is not confirmed if it will work on the other smartphones or not. So, before trying these steps on any other device ensure that it will not harm your smartphone.

Author Bio: This article is written by Himanshu Sharma, working at
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