Text Messaging Habits We All Love to Hate [Infographics]

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Technology has changed the social sphere alright. It has also carved out a social space where people interact but more than that tech has made it possible for people to come up with different personas, all of their choice, when socializing with others. This has been the case with chatting through internet but is also the case with mobile phone texting. Identification takes place there too, and it doesn’t always have to be in an overt manner.

Infographic - Text Messaging Habits We All Love to Hate

When you pick up your mobile phone after hearing the message tone, you need not look at the name of the texter to recognize who it’s from. Just by reading the text itself, even if it’s a generic ‘hello, how are you’ kind of message, you would most likely be able to gauge who it’s from. This is because individuals have their own unique linguistic signatures. Just by the way a thought is phrased or communicated, one can relate it to their creators. This may be a bit technical and something better left to specialists but just about everyone who receives text messages can understand the idea that people fall into categories of ‘texters’, depending on the style of texting they choose to employ when communicating with different people.

Now the kind of texters you come across can be widely categorized as a couple of handful. Some of the most prominent- -and most interesting ones are mentioned in the infographic below for your viewing pleasure. Just about anyone can relate to being annoyed by a ‘professor’, someone who types out long detailed texts that reading just may induce dizziness. Then of course there are the ‘couples’ who text solely for the purpose of displaying their emotions.

These folks are always glued at their phones and are engaged in endless conversations with their partner. Attempting to text them would probably result in your message going ignored. And speaking of ignored, there are the ‘husband’ kinds of texters. These are the people who always reply late, are least interested in what your text says and are never shy enough to hide it. Beginning to sound a bit familiar? Without realizing it you have most probably adopted these styles yourself, depending on situations. Read on to see whether you fall into any of the categories Mobistealth team painted on an image, or if you know of a certain texter that they missed out on!

Infographic - Text Messaging Habits We All Love to Hate

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