Google Released Google+ Sign-in Feature for websites and Apps

3/02/2013 By
Google finally released the Google+ Sign-In feature for websites and apps that allows you to sign-in in third party applications or websites. We all know that this is the feature already in famous social media giants Facebook and Twitter and now our search engine giant released this.

How to Google+ Sign-in

How to Uses this?
  • When you click on Google+ Sign-In in the websites or apps, It asks you to give permission to access your basic informations on Google+ account.
  • Click on Allow button, to sign-in in the website or apps.
Are this Feature is Safety?
  • This feature comes with familiar 2-step verification of Google It’s easier for you to sign in with your existing Google account than to create and remember details of a new account.
How to Google+ Sign-in

For Website/Apps Owners
  • Seeking an easier way to grow users with hassle-free, one-click sign-in? Google+ Sign-In increases conversions by reducing the burden and friction of login - particularly for mobile users - all while helping users keep their accounts more safe.
  • You can prompt users to sign in to Google not only at signup, but also when they return to your site, or any other time to take full advantage of your site’s social features. And, your users can connect their existing account on your service to Google even if they are already linked through another social service.
  • Google+ Sign-In mitigates data-breach risks and reduces the burden and costs of identity security. The Google authentication window creates a trusted link between you, your users, and their Google account.
  • With a user's permission, Google+ Sign-In lets you improve your service by giving you access to their basic information from their public profile and the list of people in their circles.
  • Allowing users to sign in with Google lets them select which identity they want to use in your app. By offering this choice, users are more likely to feel at ease with the decision to sign up for your service, improving conversions.
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