Facebook Introduced Redesigned Timeline For Users

Facebook announced a major revamp of the News Feed last week, now rolling out a Timeline redesign that will make it easier to show off your favorite books, movies, music, and TV shows, either that you have Liked or consumed through apps like Netflix, Flixster and Goodreads. It pushes app activity to a thinner column on the left while collecting all your posts directly to Facebook on the right.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook

Facebook has also redesigned sections in the About page. Users can also add apps to their About page. For example, users can include their Instagram photo stream as a section on their timeline.

There's a new navigation bar just below your Timeline cover that lets you switch between the main view and someone’s About section, friends, photos, and a drop-down list of other apps. If you dive into your About tab, a new Edit Sections menu lets you select and deselect apps and content types to appear on your Timeline and About page. So if you are all about Pinterest and checkins you can feature those, or if you love watching TV shows and taking Instagrams you can highlight that activity. App developers can read more about how to take use these new capabilities in this developer blog post.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook
When you look at your About sections, you will see a section for things you have read/watched/listened to, another for things you want to read/watch/listen, and a third for Likes. It also offers suggestions for other content to add to your profile, and with just a couple of clicks you can say "want to watch" or whatever.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook

This new redesign is in line with the tests that Facebook had been carrying out with users in New Zealand recently. The most noticeable aspect of the new Timeline of Facebook is it has a cleaner layout with all posts appearing on the right side of the timeline and photos, music and other recent activity will feature on the left.

Facebook have already started rolling out this new changes from March 13, 2013 and will be available to most Facebook users in next few weeks.

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