Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Watch Videos in YouTube with Slow Internet Connection

By on 2/18/2014

YouTube is the #1 video sharing site and it is ownded by Google Inc. Many users of YouTube facing buffering problem when they are watching videos even in low quality because of there low bandwidth internet connection's. So Google introduced the YouTube 'Feather' Beta for us to watch videos in slow internet connection.
YouTube "Feather" Beta

'Feather' Beta removes the description of video, Share buttons, comments, Like and Dislike count box and Reduce the list of related videos and many more. Large list of related videos, The YouTube 'Feather' Beta loads the videos faster than Standard YouTube.

How to Enable 'Feather' Beta to your Account: (2 simple steps)
  1. Go to YouTube 'Feather' Beta Webpage
  2. click Join the "Feather" Beta.
Watch Videos in YouTube with Slow Internet Connection

YouTube 'Feather' Beta now enabled to your account. Now you are able to watch videos even using low bandwidth internet connection in YouTube.

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