How to Recover the Saved Passwords in Chrome and Firefox

The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is the most popular Web browser in all over the wold and both browsers includes a variety of features for our surfing needs. The standard features include tabs, JavaScript, cookies, extension support and etc. Today many of the websites require a user name and password to obtain access to special features. This includes social, forum, email websites and others. Our unique User-ID and password let the site's to customize our experience on the website. Both the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox includes a password management feature to save and retrieve(recover) your passwords.

How to Save and Retrieve Passwords in Chrome and Firefox

Simple Steps to Follow:

Google Chrome(8 Steps):
  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click the Chrome menuChrome Menuon the browser toolbar.
  3. Select "Settings" and Click Show advanced settings.
  4. Adjust your password settings in the "Passwords and forms" section:
  5. Select "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web". Make sure that "Offer to save passwords" is checked.
  6. Click the "Manage saved passwords" button to see the saved passwords popup.
  7. Select the website from the list which you want to retrieve the password.
  8. Click the "Show Password" button to see the password.
Retrieve Passwords in Chrome

Mozilla Firefox(6 Steps):
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Click the Tools menu on the Menubar.
  3. Select "Options"
  4. In the “Options” dialog box, go to the security tab
  5. Click on “Saved Passwords”
  6. Click the "Show Password" button to see the password.
Retrieve Passwords in Firefox

Note: Chrome shows the password what the website that user selected in the list but the Mozilla shows all at a time.
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