Updated CCleaner Version 3.27.1900 [Download Free]

CCleaner is a most popular optimization and privacy tool for your system. It removes temporary,unused and unknown log files from your PC, as well as cleaning traces of your online activities such as Internet history and flash cookies, and it contains a separate registry cleaner and can optionally use wipe features for both deleted files and free space in drive. See the official forum for more information on generating a list of unofficial programs, and the program will detect and clean. The update comes with cleaning for the Windows Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 and also supports latest version's of Chrome and Firefox browsers.
CCleaner 3.27.1900
CCleaner can run in Windows 2000 or above. Download the ZIP package of CCleaner V3.27.1900 and extract to a folder in any drive of your choice and a 64-bit version is available (within the folder). Launch CCleaner327.exe.

CCleaner 3.27.1900 Screenshot

What are the updates done in this Version?
  • Added cleaning for Internet Explorer Metro Cache.
  • Added cleaning for Internet Explorer Metro History.
  • Added Google Chrome v24 support.
  • Added Burmese translation.
  • Improved Firefox compatibility on v17 and newer.
  • Improved Google Chrome extension compatibility.
  • Improved Unicode text support.
  • Minor GUI improvements and fixed minor bugs.
To download updated version 3.27.1900 of CCleaner Click Here
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