Top 10 Most Searched Gadgets in 2012

12/31/2012 By
Search Engine's giant Google Announced top 10 most searched gadgets by peoples all over the world in 2012.

#10. Nokia Lumia 920 - Nokia Lumia 920 is a smartphone developed by Nokia that runs the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Wikipedia
Nokia Lumia 920
#9. Kindle Fire HD - The Kindle Fire HD is the second generation of Amazon's Kindle Fire line of color touchscreen tablet computers. Wikipedia

Kindle Fire HD

#8. Microsoft Surface - Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft. Wikipedia
Microsoft Surface
#7. iPad 4 - The fourth generation iPad is a tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. Wikipedia
iPad 4

#6. Play Station - The PlayStation is a series of video game consoles created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Wikipedia

Play Station

#5. Galaxy Note II - The Samsung Galaxy Note II is an Android smartphone marketed by Samsung and noted for its combination of a large display, 5.55-inch (141 mm) measured diagonally, and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus. Wikipedia
Galaxy Note II

#4. Nexus 7 - The Nexus 7 is a tablet computer designed and developed by Google in conjunction with Asus. Wikipedia
Nexus 7
#3. iPad Mini - The iPad Mini is a mini tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. Wikipedia
iPad Mini

#2. Samsung Galaxy S III - The Samsung Galaxy S III is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone running the Android operating system. It is designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Wikipedia
Samsung Galaxy S III
#1. iPad 3 - The third generation iPad was a tablet computer, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Wikipedia
iPad 3
And in 2013 we can expected more products from these companies such as (rumours comes) Samsung going to release Galaxy S IV in 1st or 2nd Quartely of 2013 and we have to wait for announcement of iPhone 5s 0r 6.
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