How to Download Videos from Facebook in Multi-Formats [Facebook Video Downloader]

11/07/2012 By
We all know that Facebook is the #1 in Alexa Ranking and also one of the world famous Social Media website. Next to the Youtube - Facebook also becoming one of the biggest video sharing site. Here I give simple tutorial that how to download videos from Facebook in different formats.

Download Videos from Facebook in Multi-Formats

Steps to Download Videos from Facebook:
  • Install Facebook™ Video Download from Chrome Web Store and start your work! The extension icon appears on the toolbar next to the Chrome URL field and it will be highlighted each time you open a Facebook™ file available for download.
  • Facebook™ Video Download helps you to convert any downloaded file in the following formats: mp4, 3gp, flv, mov, avi, wmv, asf, mp3, wav, aif, ra, rm, mid.
  • This is a unique opportunity for each Facebook™ Video Download user to get access to extra media formats for conversion: install our free software OpenConverter and you can convert files in 18 (!) audio and video formats!
Important Information!!!
  1. Facebook™ Video Download is NOT YouTube Downloader!!! This extension works with the content from and is NOT responsible for the content you download on your computer! Carefully read the copyright permissions before you download a file!
  2. According to Chrome Webstore Privacy the users CANNOT download files from the sites with copyrighted content! This can be applied to such sites as Warner Bros. ™, Sony™ Music, Vevo™ etc.
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