How to Became a Mobile App Developer [Infographic]

8/29/2012 By
Today Apps are very important for mobiles, no one can denying it. Nowadays, with the help of an app, we can find location, food and also find more apps. The list goes on.

To became an app developer, a degree in computer science or software engineering is a very strong foundation. Alternatively, there are many specialized courses for an mobile app development. Getting certified in different aspects of development will only make your case stronger to employers looking to hire. But the best way of all to prove you can build something great? Build something great!

To do that, you will need a well-rounded skillset, including UI design, familiarity with a range of programming languages, backend computing knowledge and the very very important one is business knowledge. Once you meet your goal, the average annual salary for employed mobile app developers in 2011 was nearly $90,000, according to some survey. And by 2016, the total revenue from consumer mobile apps is expected to top $50 billion, according to some estimates.

How to Become a Mobile App Developer
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