iPhone 5 - Features Needed to Beat Samsung Galaxy S3

It seems there is a huge clash of titans coming up since Samsung Galaxy S3 has already captured the smartphone market after snatching away the crown from Apple. After seeing a rage for Galaxy S3, Apple has, according to rumors, pre-scheduled the launch of its next-gen iPhone, i.e iPhone 5, to create an equal stand with Samsung. However, to win this smartphone battle, it's a must that iPhone 5 offers features that are at par with Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3, if not better.

iPhone 5 - Features Needed to Beat Samsung Galaxy S3

Design: As per the rumors, Apple will utilize the in-cell touch technology that will make the iPhone 5 thinner as compared to other smartphones. since the iPhone 5 is in direct competition with Samsung Galaxy S3, which boasts a 4.8 inch super AMOLED display. iPhone 5 is expected to be just 7.6mm thick, a full millimeter less than the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is 8.6mm thick. It is also a pretty safe bet to assume that the iPhone 5 will come with at least a 4-inch display to stand equally with S3.

Camera: iPhone 5 needs an improvement on the camera front to be ahead in the race. The 8-megapixel rear-facing camera on the iPhone 4S is every bit as good as the one in the Galaxy S3 so any improvement on that characteristic will surely put iPhone 5 ahead of Galaxy S3. However, if Apple does opt to stick with the same resolution, optics needs to be improved so as to offer a greater sharpness and clarity. Galaxy S3 has great camera features such as zero shutter lag, and best shot selection. Hence, it is a must for the iPhone 5 to imitate such features, in the same way that Samsung has offered S-Voice, which imitates Siri. The front-facing VGA camera also needs improving to match the 1.9-megapixel in the Galaxy S3.

Processor: Galaxy S3 leads the way when it comes to smartphone performance. Using Samsung's Exynos 1.4GHz quad-core processor, Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful smartphones to date. iPhone 5 thus needs to be powered by an overclocked quad-core processor to take the battle to Galaxy S3.

User Interface: The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the TouchWiz interface with Android 4.0 OS, which offers an excellent user experience. iPhone 5 will run on iOS 6, the latest mobile OS from Apple. It is expected that Apple will take the spoils in this area as, when it comes to user-friendliness, iOS takes the cake.

- iPhone 5 is also expected to come with 4G LTE radios, and make good use of the 4G networks which are being rolled out by various network operators in the U.S.

Conclusion: It goes without saying that iPhone 5 will undoubtedly be the biggest smartphone release of the year (well, for Apple fans at least) but Apple has a lot of work cut out if it wants the sixth generation iPhone to beat Galaxy S3.
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