Google Revamp's Its Search Results Page and also Added Some New Features

Moves Search Tools And Categories Below The Search Field: Google is going vertical from horizontal. In the latest revision of its search page, Google moved the search tools from the sidebar to several drop down menus under the search field. This is just the latest of several notable changes to Google’s core function that also included adding a fully functional scientific calculator to the search page and enabling a handwriting mode in mobile search. This new version is slowly rolling out to users.

Google is going vertical from horizontal

The users mind never fully embraced the search tools being located on a sidebar. Now, with the tools positioned directly under the search field, we find it’s a bit more natural to change the parameters of the search. But at the same time, it feels very repetitive to have the category bar located a few lines under the black Google product bar. Plus, there is an awful amount of whitespace flanking either sides of the search results.

Either way the new layout feels fresh, new and a bit more efficient. Change is always hard, but we feel this new layout will help us search faster. Even if that means we can Google ourself just a quarter second faster.

And here is the old one

Google Old View

Google also added the Scientific calculator

Google has just added a advanced scientific calculator to Google search engine. Here after you can find the answers of complex, scientific and trigonometric calculations simply on Google home page. And it has has 34 virtual keys.

Google Scientific calculator

You can enter any mathematics formula (like 1+1, 1-1, 1*1,1/1) on Google search box.

Previously, if you enter any formula into google search bar. Google simply display the answer in search result page. But now if you type any formula, Google shows the answer in a small virtual calculator.

Google scientific calculator solves any calculation easily and also helps to convert units, temperature and other conversion (1 celcius to fahrenheit).

This new features very useful to all and especially for students. Google always working to very hard to consistently adding new features to their search engine to be great.

Google scientific calculator screenshotGoogle scientific calculator screenshotGoogle scientific calculator screenshotGoogle scientific calculator screenshot

Thanks Google and there developer team for giving such a excellent new features.

Google's Search In Cursive

Google Now Lets You Hand-Write Search Queries On Phones And Tablets

Google's Search In Cursive

Google just added a new feature to its mobile search page that lets you hand-write search queries in cursive and block letters. Once you have enabled this new feature, you can simply start writing on your screen and Google will translate your scribbles into a legible search query. The new feature will work on iOS5+ devices, as well as Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0 tablets. You can write both single letters and complete words on the screen (assuming they are short enough to fit on your phone’s screen). In our brief test, this new feature worked surprisingly well.

As Google notes, this feature should come in especially handy when “you’re standing on a busy street corner, in a bumpy taxi ride, talking with a friend, or sitting on the couch with your tablet.” The company says it has designed this tool to “complement rather than replace typing.” There are, of course, already a number of mobile apps on the market that offer handwriting recognition and Android users can use tools like Swype to make typing easier, but as far as We know, this is the first time somebody has implemented this feature on a mobile site.

Google's Search In Cursive screenshot

To enable this feature on your phone, just head for the settings menu at the bottom of Google’s mobile search screen (or on the top right if you are on a tablet) and look for the new “Handwrite” option. Once you enabled, a new icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the search screen that allows you to activate the writing surface. Clicking on this icon also opens up a new bar at the bottom of the screen that gives you space and backspace keys.

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