[Fixed] Error Loading Operating System Issue

[Fixed] Error Loading Operating System Issue

The text message: “Error loading operating system” with a black screen is an irritating problem often witnessed by users when they try to boot their Windows PC. The start-up issue generally occurs after the fresh installation of the Windows operating system, sudden power failure, system crash, or system restart, which makes the PC to throw the error message.

What exactly makes your computer operating system not to load properly? How can the ‘error loading operating system’ issue be fixed?

Read further to know the possible causes and solution to this operating system loading problem.

Whenever a computer powers on and starts up, it’s BIOS and CMOS start working on the system setup, check the hard drives, and boot the operating system. During the process, if there is any issue in the hard drive, the operating system is not launched and you can’t open your desktop.

This means your system has below-mentioned problems, which prevents proper loading of the operating system:

The hard drive’s system partition is damaged due to sudden power cuts, virus infection, or disk write error.
  • The operating system’s files and folders are damaged.
  • The system BIOS does not support the hard drive.
  • Multiple hard drives have been connected to your computer due to which primary hard drive containing the operating system & system applications is now not detected.
  • The hard drive is physically corrupt.
Ways to Fix ‘Error Loading Operating System’

There are many methods through which you can fix the ‘error loading operating system’ issue. It is recommended to choose the right method as per the required situation. You can perform Windows CHKDSK if there is any hard drive issue. The Windows tool scans and fixes bad sectors in the hard drive. Another way is to restore Master Boot Record (MBR) information to fix inappropriate hard drive partitions and settings. When the BIOS on the motherboard does not support the hard drive or the drive is not properly setup in CMOS, updating BIOS is also a workable solution.

Check out the methods in detail:

Fix 1: Scan and fix via Windows CHKDSK tool

It is important to first try to identify the cause of your problem, then act accordingly to resolve it. To rule out the issue with your hard drive, first, perform Windows CHKDSK.
It is a Windows built-in tool to gauge the general health of your hard disk. Windows CHKDSK scans and fixes bad sectors and errors if any.

Steps to implement Windows CHKDSK
  • Right-click on the drive to be checked for errors
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Click on ‘Tools’
  • Under Error-checking, click on ‘Check’
  • A dialog box with Check disk options appears. Check-in and scan for bad sectors. Click on ‘Start.’ The scan will fix and reveal if there is any physical damage to the hard disk.
Fix 2: Update your system BIOS to the latest version

Take extra care while updating the BIOS version. This is because during the process due to sudden power loss, the BIOS firmware may get corrupt. Consequently, you might not be able to access your data. Thus, always follow the best practice to back up all your important files before performing the BIOS update, so you can access and work on them later.

Follow the below steps to update your computer BIOS:
  • Find the make and model of your motherboard. Check this out in the user manual of your main board.
  • Identify the current BIOS version – For this, open the System Information app. In the search box type ‘System Information’ and select ‘System Summary’. The BIOS version will be displayed.
  • Download the latest BIOS update – Visit the motherboard or laptop manufacturer's website. Search for the model of your system and from the list of available downloads go for the BIOS update.
  • Once downloaded, run the BIOS update.
  • Restart the Computer after the BIOS update.
Fix 3: Restore the MBR information of hard disk

Every Windows operating system has a different way to restore MBR information. Check out the steps online for your Windows version and get back the MBR information to resolve the ‘error loading operating system’ issue.

Below are the steps to restore MBR in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Requirement: Windows Setup CD/DVD
  • Restart your computer and boot from the Windows Setup CD
  • On “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” message, press a key
[Fixed] Error Loading Operating System Issue
Bootrec utility results screen
  • Click Repair your computer
  • Select Troubleshoot
  • Select Command Prompt
  • When the Command Prompt loads, type the following four commands and press Enter after each and wait till each operation ends
  1. bootrec /FixMbr
  2. bootrec /FixBoot
  3. bootrec /ScanOs
  4. bootrec /RebuildBcd
  • Remove the CD/DVD
  • Type Exit. Press Enter
  • Restart your computer
Fix 4: Reinstall your Windows operating system

Even when the program files and folders of your Windows OS are damaged or corrupt, the computer shows ‘error loading operating system’. So if the above-mentioned methods do not solve the issue and the hard drive is also working properly, then the last option is to reinstall the Windows operating system. Reinstalling Windows gives you back a speedily working computer.

Lost data while fixing “Error loading operating system!” Opt for a Professional Data Recovery software.
While fixing the ‘error loading operating system’ issue, there are chances you might lose important data from your computer’s drives or partitions. If you do not have a backup of your data, a professional data recovery software is the only way to get back your lost files and folders. One of the widely used software is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery–Professional. It is a safe and secure way to get back all types of files and folders, be it Word documents, PowerPoints, PDF, Excel, photos, audio, or videos. The software is the best solution for data loss on your Windows drive. This tool supports recovery from FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT drives and partitions.
Watch the video to know how to step-by-step recover lost data from the affected hard disk using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional.


[Fixed] Error Loading Operating System Issue
So now no need to worry anymore, if you encounter the computer error loading operating system problem while trying to boot the computer and install Windows operating system. Try the above methods to troubleshoot the computer error caused due to any of hard drive issue or damaged operating system files. If in the process to fix error loading operating system you lose the system data, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a bankable solution to retrieve your lost files and folders.

Moto G6 - Is Big Size Phone At Reasonable Price?

Moto G6 Is Big Size Phone At Reasonable Price

Looking for a giant-sized Smartphone but not at the very high price tag? Well! Moto G6 price could be your favorite one in this year. It is being reported that Motorola has the plan to unveil the Moto G6 soon and Moto G series is already popular because of reasonable prices.

Motorola release the Moto G6 officially around the world

Motorola has yet to release the Moto G6 officially around the world. But we can still get to know a little bit about specs if rumors and leaks come true. As usual, it will be 4G handset you will be able to buy working on many bands (including 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 19, 20, 28, 38, and 40. We have not any piece of information related to the dimension of the phone. But it is rumored to feature 5.7-inches based on full HD resolution (1080 x 2160 pixels). It comes with 18:9 aspect ratio, a very trendy ratio in the world. And with all that, it has 424ppi (pixel per inch density). Motorola will use Corning Gorilla Glass protection to hold you up when you get your phone dropped accidentally from your hands.

Moto G6 will run with the help of Snapdragon!

Moto G6 will run with the help of Snapdragon 450 (as rumor claim) which is not enough to satisfy. But if this rumor does not come true, we may get something better, a better Octa-Core processor to keep you faster than the older G5. And it will be available with two options to have fun with multitasking, a 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM and a 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM. And yes, an SD card slot will be there to expand your limits, up to 256GB SD card. Thinking of trendy technique of focus on objects, it will have a dual camera setup with a dual-tone LED flash. Rumor suggests it will have 12MP and 5MP cameras on its rear side. And it has a 16MP camera on the front side with a f/2.0 aperture size. The company has used a 3000mAh battery (Li-ion battery) to power this phone up. It can come with fast charging feature to run you more than a day but with a minimal charging than before.

As usual, a plus-sized version (known as Motorola Moto G6 Plus) of a phone will be there to enable people to go with a different size. It is possible that the company will release this phone before the end of first half of 2018. It is not very easy to find the best budget phone around the market. However, it is easier than before. With each passing year, phone makers are trying to more and more impressive options to grab the attention of the world. They are trying to port features flagship for their budget devices so that they can get you attentive without giving a serious hit to your pocket. Prices have been reduced a lot and set of features has been increased a lot. Flagships of companies are working hard to impress consumers and they are quite successful. But what if you do not want more than fifty thousand on a single phone? This is where budget phones come handy.

5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

Sports games are the easiest way to learn more about some sport, its rules and regulations and to see if we like the sport. I know that we can’t compare sports games on a smartphone with the real deal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy good quality sports games. I want to share with you few interesting games for your smartphone which will definitely catch your attention for some time:

FIFA Soccer

Soccer is the most popular spectator sport and FIFA is the most famous thing connected to soccer so I have to start my list with FIFA Soccer application. It is made for both iOS and Android and it has been downloaded more than 100 000 000 times. The game is made with impressive features and the gameplay got the 4,0 overall rating, graphics are 4,1 and controls 4,0. That gives the overall score for the game 4,20 among more than 3 000 000 reviews which is not bad at tall. This game is the must have for every soccer fans because it is a great soccer app for your smartphone. If you like playing soccer on other gaming consoles you will love this one too.

5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

EA Sports UFC

UFC is getting more and more popular and this game is great for people who live to watch UFC. The game is actually pretty impressive and it has been downloaded more than 10 000 000 times. If you look at the number of reviews (which is a more than 2 250 000) and the overall rating (which is 4,50) you can see that it is better than FIFA Soccer app. The best feature of the game is the fact that you can choose your favorite fighter, no matter if that fighter is male or female. Get your adrenaline pumping with this application that will keep you on the edge the entire match.

Foosball Cup

People think that there are no good foosball apps on the market because it is hard to imagine playing foosball on the screen. Well, Ludus Studio (the developers) made not one, but two impressive foosball applications. The first one is called the Foosball Cup and it will definitely keep you entertained for hours. I love the fact that you can adjust almost everything to your desire. You can change the size of the table, the players, the formation and even difficulty. So, try to play on easy and when you get the hang of it, level up. You won’t be disappointed.

5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

WGT Golf Game

Just like foosball, it is hard to imagine golfing on your smartphone, but if you have a good application you will have tons of fun. You can play alone, you can play multiplayer and you can play tournaments or hole-in-hole challenges. WGT Golf game offers you the chance to participate multiple tournaments with other players across the world. If you want to play with your friends and comment the game with them, no problems, you can enter the live chat. The game is considered the number 1 golf game so you can’t go wrong with it.

5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is a great game for all fans of table tennis. It is a fast-paced, gesture-driven game which gives you a great feeling of playing table tennis. With fast and responsive controls this game allows players to make all kinds of shots from powerful shots to spin moves. Players can play against an AI or another player in a beautifully rendered environment. This game provides different kinds of games modes from quick play, tournament mode, and career mode. It also features a challenge mode which test player’s skill with a bunch of minigames.

Author bio: Mark is a gadget enthusiast and a fierce foosball player who has a blog about foosball. His blog is called the Foosball Zone and there he writes reviews of different foosball tables. His popular blog post is a review of Sportcraft foosball tables you can find here.

How to run a Website as an App on a Windows PC?

How to run a Website as an App on a Windows PC?

Running a website as an app offers the benefit of a distraction-free experience. Other than that, it also allows you to open the websites of your choice instantaneously without having to go through the normal browsing process.

Many people also find the presence of apps aesthetically pleasing. That has been proven by the huge success of smartphones as they mostly rely on apps.

Interested in running a website as an app on your Windows desktop, laptop, or tablet? You can learn how to do it here.


All in all, we’ll be looking at 5 options which allow you to use websites as applications.
  1. Check for native app
  2. Use Chrome
  3. Rainmeter
  4. Applicationize
  5. Nativefier
Check for Native App
  • First of all, make sure that the website of your choice doesn’t feature an app of its own. You can check the Microsoft Store, the website itself, or you can just make a Google search.
  • For an example, Facebook and Facebook messenger are available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 computers and tablets.
  • So, in the case that the website of your choice hosts a native app, you’re better off using that one instead of the other options which we’ll mention down below.
  • That’s because the native app will most likely look and work better than any other app lookalike of it or a simple shortcut.
  • With that being said, most websites don’t host an application for Windows computers or tablets on their own.
  • Because for the most part, they can fully satisfy our needs for both functionality and beauty as they are.
  • So, in the case that the website of your choice doesn’t feature a native Windows app, here are a few tricks to convert it into one.
Use Chrome
  • Chrome, by default, gives you the option of running websites as if they were applications. As for other browsers, I checked Opera but and I was unable to find anything similar which is built-in.
  • The same thing applied to MS Edge. Not sure about Firefox and other browsers as I don’t have them at the moment.
  • Back to the subject. To use the above-mentioned feature of Chrome, open the website of your choice, click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of your screen to open the options menu, and click on “more tools”.
  • After that, click on “Add to Desktop”, name your website app, and make sure that the “Open as a window” box is ticked.
  • And you’re done. You should now be able to run the website of your choice as an app from your Desktop.
  • You will also be able to find it on the “apps” bookmark of Chrome. To have your bookmark mark visible at all times, you can press Ctrl+Shift+B while in Chrome.
  • Rainmeter is a Windows customization program. It uses something which called Rainmeter skins. A skin can be anything from a clock widget to a mini program.
  • Yep, you guessed it. You can effectively use this program to find website skins. And a website skin could be anything from a simple shortcut to a newsletter feed widget that you can conveniently put on your desktop.
  • If you have the appropriate knowledge, then you can also create your own skins from zero. The sky is the limit.
  • You can start looking for such skins on Deviant Art, Reddit, and many more websites/forums where people post their created skins for you.
  • For an example, Honeycomb in combination with Honeycomb additional pack is a great skin to begin with as it allows you to launch numerous websites/applications with ease from your desktop.
  • It’s not the same thing with Chrome, but it’s certainly a unique and good-looking way to launch websites like you would do on your smartphone.
  • Applicationize is quite possibly the easiest program to use compared to all of the other choices that we looked at.
  • Rainmeter can be especially hard to use if you don’t find the skin of your preference as you’ll have to create it from point zero.
  • All you have to do is to head over the website by clicking on the link above, click on “Applicationize Me”, insert the URL your website to the Web App URL, click on “Generate and Download Chrome Extension”, and drag the downloaded file to the extension page of Chrome.
  • That doesn’t only work with Windows but with every OS which supports Chrome.
  • Nativefier can be a little bit harder to use if you’re not familiar with command lines but it gets very simple once you get used to it.
  • To use and install Nativefier, you need to have Node.js installed. If you do, then you can go ahead and type “npm install nativefier -g” to install it on Node.
  • To turn your website into an app, type “nativifier “URL”. To give a specific name on your app, type “nativifier --name “app name” “URL”.

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Face-Off! [Infographic]

Both smart speakers are market leaders and 2018 will be an interesting year for both products. This infographic from Half Price takes you through the strengths and weaknesses of both devices and will hopefully help you to decide which is the right smart speaker for you.

By virtue of the fact the Amazon Echo has been around longer; it works with a wider range of devices in the home, but the home is working hard to catch up. If music and movies are your thing, the Home might be the one to go for as it allows you to leverage one of its most powerful resources in YouTube. Moreover, if you have a Chromecast audio device the Home lets you stream music and movies.

The reality is that both Amazon and Google will always be improving. Big companies like this do not rest on their laurels so it will be interesting to see how they develop in years to come. Find out more in the infographic.


What’s the Best Android App Development Language?

What’s the Best Android App Development Language?

With more and more Android app developers coming across Kotlin, a natural question that instantly hits their mind is whether they also need to learn Kotlin or not. The newcomers expecting to become an Android developer are too asking which one is better between Android and Kotlin.

Let us clear you in the very beginning. To become an Android developer, one needs to learn both Java and Kotlin. Of course Kotlin is a new technology for Android app and, it has many features and tools that Java still lacks for. But it’s going to be tough to begin learning Android app development merely with Kotlin.

Kotlin derives almost everything from Java. When coding an app using Kotlin, you will need Android Studio and using Java libraries. Without knowledge of Java, things are really going to be a bit harder; writing code without any previous experience in Java will make things difficult in the beginning.

But once you know Java and then begin Android app development in Kotlin. Here are some advantages you will instantly experience.

1. You will see the conciseness of Kotlin. This is one big advantage of the language. Java requires you to write lots of boilerplate code that consumes enough space and time. Here Kotlin helps a lot and does not require boilerplate code. In result things come out as clear, expressive and powerful that make the language more concise for Android app development.

2. Many developers may think that if Kotlin does not require them to write boilerplate code than Python is already an option. But then think about Java which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and executes the program compiled into byte code. Kotlin too runs on JVM and thus it’s also platform independent like Java. This freedom is not available with Python.

3. Java is secure but Kotlin would have more safety features in future. This is why Kotlin is a far better language than Java for Android app.

4. Another great advantage of the language over Java is its inter-operability with the existing Android programming and runtime. It means that a program can be called into the Java from Kotlin and from Kotlin into Java.

5. Kotlin is built by Jet Brains, whose IntelliJ IDEA software is already powering Android Studio. This forms an even equation for developers who can make various features and tools without any concern about the support because both technologies have been originated from single source and later adopted by Google.

Conclusion: The conclusion is that Kotlin is way more powerful, safer and advanced technology but things may feel a bit complicated and hard to grasp if you do not know Java at all. The advice is that you first learn basics of Java and then try your hands on Kotlin for your Android application development.

Author Bio: James Stewart is the technical writer of Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in grocery app development, finance app development etc.

5 Reasons Why Antivirus Isn't Just Enough?

5 Reasons Why Antivirus Isn't Just Enough

We can all agree that antivirus is essential tool nowadays because of most breaches that happen all across the globe. Of course, some people think that it cannot happen to them because they are not crucial to the world.

However, that is the main problem, because when hackers or intruders enter your PC, they will try to use all information against you to earn some revenue. You should look at it as a mugging in the virtual sense of the word.

Apart from the problem on which antivirus is the best, today, you cannot protect yourself perfectly with only this particular software. That is why we decided to present you five reasons why antivirus is not enough.

1. Blacklisting is Part of History

The primary basis of every antivirus software is to create security blacklisting, which is the technology that identifies known malware and harmful files that could happen on your device. According to numerous studies, most businesses use the only antivirus to protect their valuable information from APTs (advanced persistent threats).

However, APTs can easily stay undetected on a system or network for that amount of time that allows them to steal any valuable data. That is the main reason why attackers decided to make targeted attacks that could bypass blacklisting, which will enable them to take corporate information that could use afterward to earn more revenue.

The leading example attacks on New York Times, where hackers avoided system detection and stole everything that needed.

2. It Cannot Help You Fight Against Customized Malware Attacks

The most popular way of breaching other systems and networks by hackers is by using malware. Most cyber criminals understood how antivirus software function and they found a way to neglect it. Anti-virus just doesn't have enough capabilities of stopping customized malware attacks.

We have mentioned above blacklisting as the recognition system for bad data and potential malware. However, attackers decided to create more customized and specific malware attacks.

That is how we know about polymeric malware that could target outdated software to perform social engineering. Because of its complexity, most antivirus software hasn't found a way to recognize it on the network or system.

3. Cyber-crime Is Improving

When it comes to cyber attacks and crime, we should know that everything relies on the human factor. When we have in mind that humans also develop antivirus software, we can see the idea. Today, most attacks are sophisticated with customized malware.

At the same time, cyber-crime economy expanded rapidly in the last few years. Therefore, most attackers focus on finding and collecting classified data. Those fraudsters found a way to make the Internet the place of which they are attacking.

According to past studies, for example, Russian cyber-criminal continuously finds a way to improves technologies and to enhance the possibility to attack and make revenue. Everyone is at risk because they know how to apply ransom-ware. Most of these tools can also attack mobile devices.

4. Traditional Antivirus Software Cannot Help You Efficiently

We all know that antivirus software is an essential element in protecting and keeping your computer secure against viruses and some malware. When you install and use right antivirus software, they can analyze file behavior and block any threat that could interfere with your system.

However, it doesn't have enough power to protect you against sophisticated and customized threats and malware such as ZACCESS malware.

5. New Techniques of Breaching

You should have in mind that social engineering will never go out of style. Even if you have reliable antivirus software, it is challenging to stay protected against social engineering attacks through malicious URLs and phishing scams.

Social engineering is great tactics that rely on your human interaction. The idea is to manipulate you into revealing sensitive information by clicking on some links. They find a way to disguise those threats by making them look like official emails from websites that you are working with such as Facebook or any other social media.

You should have in mind that social engineering doesn't require too much expertise. They use this technique as a method to find information about a company. Therefore, we recommend you to establish employee's trust so that you can protect your business against inside leak.

Most social engineering attacks are based on psychological manipulation, which is why you cannot rely on antivirus software. The only goal for attackers is to gain trust by someone around you. That is their way to the confidential data.

Conclusion: It is essential to follow up with the newest trend and to stop relying only on one way of fighting. Using just antivirus can help you protect yourself from harmful viruses and malware that are already known by public and antivirus developers. However, the latest advancement in technology gave the possibility for attackers to mask their attacks, so you have to be extra careful.

If you had any experience with malware, feel free to tell us all about it by commenting on the section below. Cheers!

How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization?

How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process to improve the prospect of your mobile app on the app store and it is a crucial piece of marketing for mobile apps. The way SEO (search engine optimization) is for websites; likewise, ASO is for mobile apps. The ASO specifically includes the process of ranking the mobile app high in the app store’s search results and top ranking charts.

The mobile app marketers believe that the app gets downloaded more when it is listed in the top ranking apps. In addition to this, ASO also encircles on expanding the transition of app store perception into downloads. Let’s pitch in the top solutions to achieve the best of ASO.

Know your buyers and the champions:
How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization

It is very important to understand what your buyers want and where you stand in the competition. A well-drafted ASO strategy fastens on how your buyers are using your app and what your competitors are offering. Find answers to the following questions:
  • What are the keywords used by the buyers for searching on the app store?
  • What are the top reasons for buyers to download my app?
  • How are the buyers rating and describing my app?
Alongside also study your competitors and what are they offering? Where does my app stand against their app? How are people describing their apps? Etc

Opt for a fitting app name - Choose a unique title for your app and append pertinent keywords in the title. It is found that titles with appropriate keywords are the ones that get top ranked. Titles are allowed up to 255 characters but they are truncated after the 23rd character in App Store while 30th in Google Play. To make sure that your app gets recognized, try to keep the title in the nutshell.

Keyword augmentation - For ASO, it is important to optimize the keywords in the app’s metadata so that the app gets a higher ranking in the search algorithm. This can be accomplished by ensuring that all the applicable and important keywords are present in the metadata of the app. Along with this also try to add the keywords that buyers search for related to your app’s offerings.

Effective App narration - The description of your app should not be created with the focus on search index but the customer base. It should be simple and understandable so that it will compel the potential customer to call-to-action. The description should be crisp and cover all the important offerings of the app (try to mention in points).

Now that you have convinced the search engine for your ranking with keywords, the description is to convince the customers and buyers that your app meets their need.

Catch the eye with unique app icon - Regardless of the OS for which you are creating the app, keep the icon simple and try not to muddle it unnecessarily. A simple logo with some text, bright colors, border and a shadow is preferred a lot. Remember that your icon should convey what the app is about and do a market research to find out how other apps have their icons.

Incorporate screenshots and videos - A picture or a video brings your text description to life and conveys a thousand words about your app. You can upload up to five screenshots on iOS while eight on Android; although only 2-3 show up on the page load. Hence be careful about what screenshots you want to upload.

The screenshots and videos should speak about customer benefits so that they will be pursued to use the app. You can also add text overlay with the help of graphic designers to describe the key features.

Author Bio: Earleen Brown is a veteran Android application developer for reputed Android app Development Company. You can contact her to hire Android app developer to avail reliable and efficient app development services.

Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional

Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional

The IT industry is ever evolving and the DevOps profession is considered as one of the most satisfying and profitable career options today. Among the wide range of profiles in IT, this is something that is attracting plenty of aspirants. But, there is a lot of confusion about how to become a successful DevOps Engineer. So, this article will clear all of your doubts about this topic. We will cover following topics today;
  1. Mandatory Skill sets to become a DevOps Professional.
  2. Easy ways to become DevOps Professional.
You might have researched plenty of things if you really desire to get into this profile. In addition to having a strong desire to become a DevOps Professional, skillsets are something that opens the doors towards your goal. So, let’s discuss some detailed points about essential skill sets you must have before going ahead.

1. Mandatory Skill sets to become a DevOps Professional.

Hiring people for DevOps engineering roles keeps going on throughout the year and the reason is there are very fewer numbers of people that have sufficient skills for fulfilling this role. Here is a short list of skills that every interviewer will look for.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
  • Strong Technical Knowledge and Experience
  • Senior level System Administrator skills
  • Should be expert in Virtualization
  • Better Developer
  • Automation Experience
  • Real-time Cloud Experience
  • Good at customer behavior and customer service
Strong Technical Knowledge and Experience- DevOps Engineer is a purely technical profile and hence you need to be really strong in technical skills. You need to know about reputed as well as faulty domains, tolerance levels, etc. so that you don’t lack in technical aspects.

Senior level System Administrator - Make sure you have an impeccable knowledge (both practical as well as theoretical) about Linux or Windows Administrator depending upon the post you are applying for.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional

Should be expert in Virtualization - We are living in an era where virtualization has reached a whole new level. Having at least 3-year experience in Hyper-V, VMware or any other according to the private cloud is highly beneficial.

Better Developer - We are not living in the era where people still use CDs to install windows or Linux. Now, they directly trigger the download over the internet. DevOps engineer is the person who needs to write codes for them. So, you should know the writing scripts without any fail.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
Automation Experience - Devops Tools like ‘Chef’, Puppet, Ansible, GIT, etc. comes into the picture when we talk about automation. So if you search a good opportunity as a DevOps Engineer with knowledge and experience of automated tools, you will definitely be ahead of others.

Real-time Cloud Experience - There are very few people who come with deploying applications experience like in Google, Azure, Amazon AWS, etc. Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional It is all about designing and deploying the applications with the help of Azure, Google or Amazon AWS.

Good at customer behavior and customer service - Tolerance and Emotional intelligence are two skills that can help you. These two skills truly depend on what kind of person you are. You should have capability and patience to solve customer’s problems.

2. Easy ways to become DevOps Professional

i. Start the Cross Training Now - DevOps engineers should not be just an IT person, but should be a skilled and experienced developer. Deep knowledge of different tools, coding, etc. will take them ahead of other aspirants.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
  • Train yourself to address the different type of daily requirements of a developer.
  • This training will equip all aspiring candidates with the much-needed skillset and knowledge of DevOps. You will be well aware of tools like Nagios, Mave, DataBase, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Docker, CVS, etc.
  • Prepare yourself well and get hands-on training on all the skillsets we discussed early in this article.
  • You will also know about different cultural practices, supporting tools, skills required for development, testing, operations, deployment, build and release, control system applications, integration concepts like working on Docker, notification systems, and many more.
ii. Focus on both practical as well as theoretical knowledge - Along with theoretical aspects it is important to focus on practical operations too.

iii. Gain sufficient experience in required skill sets - It's great if you are a developer and not just IT person. For becoming a successful DevOps professional, you should have deeper knowledge and experience in the tools that developers use.


We addressed most important skill sets you need to have for becoming a successful DevOps Engineer and also suggested few easy ways to get into this profile easily. Keep all discussed points in mind and prepare yourself for this fantastic career option.

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