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Google’s Picks for Best Apps, Games, Albums and Movies of 2014

Now, the time is to say good bye to 2014 - an exciting year for tech and Google has unveiled its “best of” list for 2014, which includes Android apps and games.

Google picks the list based on total number of downloads in each category. Apart from apps, the company also named the best-selling albums and films for the year. Everything mentioned below is available through the Google Play Store and recommended for downloading right now.

Best Android Apps of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded apps from each of the following categories: Education, Health & Fitness, Music, Photography, Social, Entertainment, Sports, and Travel. Health & Fitness was also named the fastest growing.
  • Education: Duolingo (Free) - Learn languages like Spanish, French, etc
  • Entertainment: Netflix (Free) - Stream films and TV shows, including old and new stuff
  • Health & Fitness: MyFitnessPal (Free) - Keep a diet journal and count calories
  • Music: Pandora (Free) - Stream tunes from curated internet radio stations
  • Photography: Flipagram (Free) - Create music video-like stories from your photos
  • Social: Facebook (Free) - Connect and network with friends and family
  • Sports: NFL Mobile (Free) - Get football news, in-game highlights, live game scores, etc
  • Travel: TripAdvisor (Free) - Plan a trip based on other travelers' reviews, photos, etc
Best Android Games of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded games in 2014, overall. It also announced Play Games users unlocked 3.5 billion achievements throughout the year.
Best Film, TV Show, and Album of 2014

Google listed everything from the best comeback film to the most searched actor on Google Play, but we'll focus on what you really want to know: the best film, TV show, and album of the year.
  • Film: Frozen ($14.99 to buy) - Musical fantasy-comedy film by Disney
  • TV show: The Walking Dead ($1.99 per episode) - Zombie apocalypse show by AMC
  • Album: Frozen ($9.49 to buy) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Disney's Frozen
A blog post highlighting the exact list above is available on the official Android blog. And also check the Google's last year(2013) best apps and games here.

Why Android is Not Included in The List of Typical Linux Distributions

The significant core part of the Android operating system is Linux, but you can't run the Android application on the typical Linux and vice versa. Have you ever wondered that why is it so?

The reason is that Android, Inc. has played very smartly and integrated only the Linux Kernel as the core part in the Android OS (that was acquired by Google) rather than including the typical Kernel.

To brief the aforementioned statement let's have an insight into the Linux and Linux Kernel.

How is the Linux Kernel different from the Linux

Different people have different manipulation for the terms “Linux” and “Linux Kernel”. Some believe that both the terms are the same since the major part of the OS is the kernel itself. However, some consider that since, the kernel is not the only part there, so it should be treated as a different identity.

The term “Linux” is often used to represent the Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Arch, Mint, etc. It includes the Linux Kernel plus the softwares like GNU shell utilities, GNOME desktop, GNU C library, Mozilla Firefox browser and so forth. And, this is why the Linux distribution is often also referred as GNU/Linux.

What else is included in the Android OS

Google has incorporated a few of the Linux libraries, softwares and Linux Kernel in Android that make it stand apart from the typical Linux distributions. The Linux Kernel (which is an integral part of the Android) lends the open source nature to the Android platform. This is the crucial factor that makes Android the most popular and admired operating system. Android Developers can easily tweak the integrated Linux kernel to cater their diverse business needs.

Elements incorporated in the Android OS but not in the Linux.
  • In Android, the Dalvik virtual machine is used to execute the Java applications.
  • Instead of the GNU C library, Android features the Bionic library.
The Linux Kernel is common between the typical Linux distributions and Android. But since, it doesn't include the major softwares that are common in the Linux distribution the, the Android is not included in the list of Linux distributions.

Factors that create bottlenecks while executing Linux applications on Android devices

There are several factors that hinder the execution of Linux applications over Android devices. Let's ponder into a few of them.
  • Though, like Linux the Android also possesses a shell, but it is not accessible. However, by downloading the Terminal Emulator for Android application from the Google Play, you can make the terminal easily accessible. Even then also it won't guarantee a complete root shell. This is because, although it will augment access to the terminal, but might not offer you all the regular commands.
  • The graphical X server and the standard GNU libraries are not integrated with the Android platform. These are certain basic facets essential for executing the Linux apps.
Factors that create bottlenecks while executing Android applications on the Linux desktop

We know that the Dalvik virtual machine is crucial for running an Android app. Now since, the Dalvik virtual machine has not been included in the Linux, you can't run an Android app simply in the Linux desktop.

However, this issue can be resolved if certain hard work is done at the developers' end. It is only possible to execute Android apps on the Linux, if developers can enable the Dalvik virtual machine to run on Linux.

Thus, considering the fact that Android doesn't feature all the standard softwares, libraries, APIs, etc., that are there in all the Linux distributions, the Android mobile OS is not included in the list.

Author Bio: Juana Steves is an Android developer by profession for Xicom Technologies Ltd - a leading Android App Development Services provider. If you are willing to avail Android app developers for hire, just get in touch with het to get the best assistance.

Friday, December 19, 2014

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

With the digital revolution taking place, technology has become an integral part of our lives. People are browsing the Internet for interesting information, compiling useful data, using online document storage services to save files, and by doing that, they are actually digitizing their busy lives.

One of the most widespread products of the digital era is the Portable Document Format, better known as the PDF. We use this format because it is a practical and secure way to view documents on every device, without worrying about someone’s sneaky fingers editing it without our approval.

Since many good things have a downside to them, the PDF’s in the fact that its users usually cannot edit their files directly in the PDF when they need to. For this reason, PDF developers also invented software which enables users to convert and edit their PDFs. There are many software solutions that can convert and create PDF files, but only a few have tried to encompass all key PDF management functions in only one tool.

Complete PDF Solution in a Single Tool

One of these advanced, multifunctional programs is the recently launched Able2Extract PDF Converter 9. Besides being an all-inclusive tool (meaning that it can create, edit and convert PDF files from/into multiple sources), the professional version of the software also has an integrated OCR feature. Optical Character Recognition enables users to convert scanned and image files, therefore allowing them to accurately revise and edit PDF files regardless of their source.

To edit PDF data using Able2Extract, first convert it to the desired format and then edit it in the document’s source application. You can do that by following these 3 steps:

1. Open PDF

Run Able2Extract application and click on the Open button (blue folder icon). 

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

Select your PDF file from your folder and click OK. Your document will be quickly opened in Able2Extract. To navigate more easily through your file, click on the thumbnails, bookmarks or attachments icon on the upper left vertical of Able2Extract (check the image below for your reference).

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

2. Select PDF

Select the area you want to convert. Able2Extract 9 gives you the option of selecting a specific part of the document (which can come in handy when you want to export just one segment, like an image, table, text block, etc), or the whole document. You can also specify any random range of pages (like 3-5, 17, 56-69).

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

3. Convert PDF

Pick the desired output file format. You can pick from the more common file types like OpenOffice or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) to formats such as AutoCAD, HTML, and a plethora of image formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP). 

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

Save the file on your computer. Now that you have your file converted into an editable format, it is only a matter of using appropriate software to make changes to your file and then converting it back into PDF (optional).

The newly released Able2Extract 9 offers a variety of other PDF management options to choose from, so users who wish to create a new PDF from their edited file and password-protect it can do that as well. The tool’s major strength is in the simple and accurate PDF conversion and creation process, making editing data in PDF a walk in the park.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Microsoft Outlook has successfully evolved into an industry-recognized tool that competently performs emailing as well as manages personal tasks. With Outlook becoming the heart and soul of the business activities, there might be a situation when the PST file of Outlook gets damaged or corrupted. In such cases, retrieving data becomes a difficult task. Fortunately, the Outlook data files do not get lost forever we can still recover it. Here, we are going to analyze a tool that offers a dependable solution to recover the corrupted PST files of Outlook.
Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Installation & Setup

Outlook Recovery application can be downloaded from the website of MSOutlook Tools. Click on the download link and the setup file will be downloaded to your system. To their merit, installation of the application takes less than a minute .However; it certainly depends on your internet connection. Unlike other applications, it does not require a restart process to finish with the installation procedure.

Product Functionality

Outlook Recovery Tool offers a competent solution to recover the permanently deleted emails & repairs the damaged or corrupted PST File. It scans the damaged PST files and quickly recovers the corrupted emails, tasks, contacts, etc. Let us discuss the powerful features of this proficient utility.

Top Features of the Program
  • Recovery of data from corrupted or damaged PST files
  • Supports recovery of permanently deleted emails 
  • Split PST option to manage output data after recovery
  • Works perfectly fine with UNICODE and ANSI PST files
  • Recovers PST files corrupted due to 2GB file size limitation
Getting Started

Once you start initiating the program, the application performs the essential pre-requisites for checking the condition of Outlook components and Outlook. Performance aspect is generally considered as the main highlighted feature of any utility. Here is what I found after evaluating the performance of Outlook Recovery tool.

Look and feel of Interface

Outlook Recovery software offers one of the simplest user interfaces. The interface is fairly self-explanatory and somewhat resembles the look of Microsoft Outlook. I am appreciative of the fact that even a non-technical person can easily follow it.

Performance Impact

The performance aspects of Outlook Recovery utility is discussed below

Advanced Scan Mode for Severe Corruption

The program offers an automated process of scanning the corrupted or damaged PST files and then loads it for preview. Additionally, the software provides an option of advanced scanning mode to recover the permanently deleted files of Outlook and the files which have higher level of corruption.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Multiple Export Options to Save Output File

You can select the desired file format in which you want the resultant recovered file to be saved. There are multiple export options to select from, as per your requirement.
  • save as PST file
  • Save as MSG file
  • Save as EML file
Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Flexible Naming Patterns To Save Files

The software provides the adaptability while saving the messages in MSG or EML file formats. You can select from a wide range of suitable naming conventions which is based on the preference of date wise, subject wise or sender wise. You can also save the files in Auto increment mode.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Option to Split large sized PST file

You can split a large PST into multiple smaller PST files. To split any PST file .you can select any size ranging from 1 GB to 45 GB. In this way, the feature provides an effectual technique to manage the large PST files which could otherwise have lead to corruption.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Selective Export of Files/folders

You can selectively export the recovered file/folders by simply checking and unchecking the PST files or folders which you desire to export. The user can selectively import PST files into Outlook or carry out in a batch process.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Option to Save Export Report

When all the recovered items of Outlook are exported, the PST repair Tool will generate an export report specifying the location of the both mailbox and exported file. This report can be saved in the CSV file format for future reference.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Free Trial & Testing

The trial version of the application can be downloaded to know about its features the in details. However, with the freeware version, you have the option to only preview the recovered resultant files and export only 25 items per folder.

  • Restores permanently deleted items from PST file with the advanced scanned mode
  • Selective filtering of emails based on date range comes as a real benefit for users. It saves their time and effort.
  • Split PST option carries out the proper way of managing large sized PST files that would have otherwise lead to severe corruption
  • Option to save the export file details in CSV file format helps the user to refer it for future use.
  • Outlook styled interface makes the software UI user-friendly.
Compass for Improvement

Even though the utility works out well in recovering, the inaccessible PST files but some features can be incorporated to enhance its functionality further. These are discussed below.

Automatic Detection of PST Files

A person who is not tech savvy may find it difficult to locate the inaccessible PST files in the system. To make their task easier, an additional auto-detect option for locating the PST files could be beneficial.

Search Option for Finding Messages

A search option designed on the basis of keyword, subject, or phrase could make the process of locating the messages easier from a bulk of data.

Final Verdict

On a positive note, the utility definitely worked out well. Going through its impressive tech specs ,I will rate the tool on the basis of its performance as 8/10.Outlook Recovery certainly stacks up to the best of recovery solution that offers to repair Outlook PST files and is available at a nominal price to users.

Phablets Crushing the Mobile-Device Market

Phablets Crushing the Mobile-Device Market

Devices do a lot to improve our lives but us average Americans with our manifold gadgetsnow have a lot to keep track of. The laptops that are still a common sight in offices and living rooms, the phones that are our lifelines, the tablets we fall asleep with, the fitness trackers that keep us healthy and all the other connected devices we can't survive without. So is it any wonder that when an opportunity to combine two or even more devices into a single gadget comes along, we embrace it? That's the phablet.

Nowadays the family without at least one mobile device is something of an anathema. Most individuals have at least one and probably more considering that studies show 42% of American adults own tablets and 58% of American adults have a smartphone. Mobile is hot, with smartphones and tablets now the default second screen used for everything from browsing to gaming to shopping and even watching TV. At this point there's hardly any reason for the average person to sit down in front of a computer or television for dedicated screen time. We have computers right in our pockets, which means everything we used to do at a desk we now do sprawled on the couch or running on the treadmill or standing in the grocery store queue. If we don't order our groceries online, that is.

Phablets - notice the neat portmanteau of the words phone and tablet - occupy the space between smaller smartphones and the largest tablets. Increasingly, they're also edging into fitness tracking and life tracking territory with sensors that measure nearly everything about yourself you could possibly want to quantify. With carriers like T-Mobile offering phablet deals like free 4G LTE data and contract-free service that make upgrading palatable, people are switching to phablets in droves.

Data from apps analytics firm Flurry shows the demand for big phones is twice as large as it was in 2013 and more than twice as many Android devices are large-screened smartphones this year.Flurry also found that bigger devices get more play, which could explain Apple's decision to size up the iPhone with the newly released 6 Plus.

These phones on steroids outsold both laptops and tablets in Asia in 2013, and the US couldbe next if the 'bigger is better' trend continues.Tom Mainelli, program vice president for devices and displays at IDC, told Tech Times that the phablet's ability to do double dutymay just be causing people to question the utility of tablets. And research firm Juniper predicted that phablet sales will rise a whopping 600% in the next four years. Which makes sense, considering that most consumers seem to gravitate toward 7-inch tablets, with 10-inch tablets struggling to keep up and more smartphone manufacturers moving toward the 7-inch sweet spot.

Can a couple of inches really change the tech landscape so dramatically? Many experts and analysts are saying yes. The rise of the phablet could just mean the death of the tablet within the next few years or - more likely - an increasingly blurred line between what is and isn't a phone.

The phablet revolution is important for eCommerce sellers to take note because there is now another screen to focus on when it comes to designing and implementing marketing and advertising materials. The more screens that consumers are able to shop from, the more sales will increase. It is very important to have dynamically-serving websites that are easily assessable across all platforms and screen sizes. What is your business doing to make sure its website is easily stoppable across all devices?


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Organizing a Bedroom Closet Becomes Easy

Whenever you are designing your home, you certainly try to put everything in the perfect place and it transforms into a beautiful and sorted home. We sometimes hire contractors to complete this task in a fair amount of time to obtain a more pr├ęcised result altogether. A home should never look crowded with pieces of furniture scattered everywhere. Everything should be organized without making the house look messy. Therefore, there is a necessity to build separate closets for storing the materials to keep your clothes and shoes clean. Once this is done, you can notice that the house looks more in order.

Organizing a Bedroom Closet Becomes Easy

Types of Closets

Portable Closets

  • Portable closets are gaining more popularity because of the fact that they are easily available and also easy to afford.
  • If you have an urgent requirement of a closet, then portable closet is the best choice.
  • They are the most suitable choice if you want to organize a closet in minimum time.
  • These closets can be moved anywhere in the house whenever necessary.
  • If you cannot find a suitable area in the house to build a closet, then portable closets can be used efficiently.
  • Preferably used by the people living in hostels, so that they have everything handy.
  • This, also prevents shifting problems for these types of residents.
Conventional Closets
  • Conventional closets provide a permanent solution to your every problem of storage.
  • To build these types of closets in minimum time, you can easily hire professionals without any more hassle. 
  • It needs a one-time investment, but is a lifelong solution to every problem of storage.
  • By designing your bedroom closet, you can make the room look more beautiful.
  • The professionals specialized in this field make this task relatively easier for you and your family.
  • If you have your own house then you should prefer having conventional closets.
Organizing a Bedroom Closet Becomes Easy

Organizing your home
  • You can always have an easy access in refining the quality of your home by browsing online.
  • This reachability has proved out to be convincing for many families, who want a well-organized home in a short span of time.
  • This, in result prevents your place from looking cluttered.
  • Although, these closets take up certain amount of space in your room, but, in turn they surely do make the house look phenomenal.
  • At the time of purchase of the home these miscellaneous things should also be bought for future purpose.
Making a house look presentable is a tough task for sure, but by sorting out various areas it can turn out to be a good place to live in. Even when a guest comes in and look around the house, you certainly do not want to feel embarrassed about your belongings. Moreover, you need to have that personal space of yours where you can keep from anything to everything. The task of cleaning the house is completed in a shorter amount of time, if everything is just where it should be. If there are piles of clothes in the room, it develops problems at the time of cleaning. Therefore, one should always look for the most reliable medium of services to overcome this blunder. You can try NationalFurnishing for affordable bedroom closets.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Therefore, this quote holds a significant meaning about why you need to keep your home clean and clutter free.